The ‘Boys Planet’ contestant who suddenly gets attention for his photos –

The ‘Boys Planet’ contestant who suddenly gets attention for his photos –

At this point, enthusiastic observers of the survival program planet boys They probably have their favorite contenders that they hope will make the top nine. Apprentices like that Han bin sung etc Seik Matthew They perform particularly well on the show, giving them lots of screen time and, in turn, lots of fans.

However, some contestants don’t rank as highly but still manage to build a fandom based on other factors, even if they don’t get much screen time.

One of these interns who suddenly attracted attention in Korean forums is the Chinese candidate. Cai JinXin.

Cai JinXin

From the third episode of planet boysHe is currently ranked 50th out of 93 candidates, which is certainly not the ideal position.

Even so, and despite his low screen time, Cai Jin Xin won the hearts of many with his beautiful images, and we can see why!

Born in 2003, the Chinese trainee is 188 cm (6 ft 2 in) tall, an attractive height to many that sets him apart physically from most of his competitors.

He represents his label. top notch entertainment In planet boyswhich also houses GuardianIt is Xiaoting. And despite his flower-boy image and handsome charms, fans are worried he could be blown away with his current position on the show.

A Korean online forum posted a post about Cai Jin Xin, and some commenters who didn’t know him before due to his limited screen time suddenly took an interest in his good looks (although some aren’t, not fans of his style) . .

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  • I don’t like ‘Boys Planet’ looks. He couldn’t [styling team] done better?
  • Wow he looks freaking good TBH… how come I didn’t notice him sooner?
  • I finally voted for him yesterday after seeing him.
  • I first noticed it during last night’s episode. Sounds great in my opinion.
  • Have you all seen this video? He also speaks good Korean.
  • I was looking for the original version of the first image. Thanks for writing!
  • HAHAHA! It’s funny

| planet boys

However, others have mixed opinions of him, agreeing that he is good looking but could use more practice before becoming a K-pop idol.

Who do you support the most? planet boys?

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