The Boss’s Lady: Agnes Yuliavitriani’s Special Sense of Building a Supportive System, Using New Methods

The Boss’s Lady: Agnes Yuliavitriani’s Special Sense of Building a Supportive System, Using New Methods

Can you tell us how was made?

The origin of Let’s was actually because of what communities, friends, do you play games? suddenly, I really like sports, running, bikes, food, triathlon, in this sport, as we know it must be. a community, and suddenly, in these communities, friends – my friends care about them and they often collect money to collect donations to help others, so go ahead, let’s

What urgency did you feel that prompted you to start the forum?

The urgency at that time was because these friends had problems in explaining the money. Each of your friends must be busy with work, if you transfer them to a personal account, it is a bit confusing and there is a risk of mixing income and expenses. Now has become a solution, with this platform, friends of the community, even outside the public, can contribute in any way by paying money. m, the insignificant and different from 10000 capacity. And in terms of reporting the distribution of funds, community partners have been very helpful. If you want to open our website, the report is very clear, you can see how it is explained. We are here to make it easier for these communities to get money and donations.

In the early days, what challenges did you feel?

It is very difficult. The adjustment period is always difficult, especially at the beginning of 2020, when we were hit by a disaster that required us to hold meetings online. then set up a recruitment team must be online. It’s a new problem. The modifications we are making are not only to build this platform, but also to face the challenge of forming a team during the disaster.

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How do you introduce a new platform?

In addition to word of mouth, from community to community, we use social media. Unexpectedly, influential friends helped me, they also raised funds, hence the name, the link was spread on their social media from there, from there.

How important is it to keep up with trends?

One of the keys to getting started is following younger generations. Our hope is to be sustainable, so as to be sustainable with young people participating in the campaign to raise funds. Like it or not, you have to be with young people because opinions can be very different. must carry on with lots of conversation. and follow the trend

What is the role of social media in the development of your platform?

I feel that social media is very important because it is primarily a face, it is like a corporate profile nowadays. There, people can see let’s see what we did, there is a track record. Moreover, it is easy for us to announce the campaign with the help of social media. So it is very important.

Have you ever hesitated about starting all these things?

The doubt came from my close friends actually, they advised me because we are at the beginning of the disease, then my friend commented ‘Are you sure you want to open a donation forum? Indeed, there are those who still want to donate, they did not trouble themselves, their business has also collapsed. It is difficult for them to be alone, do they not like to think of others?

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But it is not like that. The community is even more active in events such as cycling. At that time, there was a campaign for health workers because we knew it was a bad time and there was a shortage of equipment for them, PPE and so on. Friends of the community are more and more grateful to God, who has contributed a lot because we live in Indonesia, yes, Indonesia is a country that works together, helping each other is strong, thanks to God, it is still going on. and please find it. continue to grow.

So what is the main advantage that has over other platforms?

The advantage of compared to similar platforms is perhaps the promotion of campaigns, yes, we are unique because we are a community. We often have triggers. Besides, he also invites us to play games together, so we feel special there.

What dream do you want to fulfill for

I have a dream, hope we be the surface of the mind for the people of Indonesia to collect funds and contributions.

What are the most memorable stories of people who have been helped by this platform?

The most memorable is the ODGJ in Bali which was imprisoned. Because in the remote part of Bali, he is far from a Puskesmas, let alone a psychiatrist, so his family does not know that he has a mental illness. People believed that he possessed him, so instead of treating him, he was put in chains and chained to the ground. Some are even locked up, and have to eat and defecate for years.

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At that time we held a 50km Ultra Run in Bali. So our H-1 team visited the patient. Oh my, so sorry. After they were given serious treatment, their changes were severe. As time passed, we were told, we were told to see changes, like a makeover, because those who were dirty and neglected were shaved and cleaner. He can talk and can say his name. Then think that we should do this more often.