The Biggest Project In Dubai, Building Rp74 T Moon Replica Hotel

The Biggest Project In Dubai, Building Rp74 T Moon Replica Hotel

It is reported that a luxury resort will soon be built Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). What is important, the park will look like the shape moon which was later named “Moon Dubai”.

The costs amounting to 5 billion US dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 74 trillion is planned for the construction of this great project. Canadian construction company and property licensor Moon World Resorts Inc (MWR) is behind the project.

As reported Arab business, the construction of this huge park will take about 48 months or two years. The total height of Moon Dubai will be 224 meters.

When this project is completed, it is predicted that Moon Dubai will boost the economy of the United Arab Emirates in areas such as hospitality, entertainment, attraction, technology, environment, education and tourism.

A beautiful replica of the moon park is sure to make Dubai City the next destination. Not yet built, Moon World Resorts (MWR) says Moon Dubai can host 10 million visitors a year.

“Moon Dubai will be the largest and most successful modern tourism project in the entire MENA region, doubling annual tourist visits to Dubai based on global interest, awareness and engagement you are unique,” said Moon World Resorts founder Sandra G Matthews.

A woman walks along the waterfront at Dubai Marina in the United Arab Emirates, on February 16, 2021. (Photo by Giuseppe CACACE / AFP)Dubai, the most expensive city in the Middle East. (Photo: AFP/GIUSEPPE CACACE)

Guests who visit this resort can later take advantage of the spa and wellness facilities, the ballroom, the meeting room, the international conference room, the lobby and the place called “Moonlighting” in the hotel. Moon Dubai It will provide training methods for space agencies and astronauts.

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As of now, this Canadian construction company is in the process of obtaining a license and planning a road show to develop Moon Dubai for customers. After that, the company will enter a one-year development plan, followed by a four-year development plan.

MWR is also planning to include Sky Villas, which will be used as private residences at Moon Dubai. “Approximately 300 units will be available for purchase, with Sky Villa owners becoming members of the non-profit organization Moon Dubai,” said MRW founder Michael R Henderson.

“Moon Dubai will have a significant impact on all sectors of the UAE economy including tourism, transport, business and real estate, infrastructure, financial services, aerospace, energy, MICE, agriculture, technology and education.” Henderson.


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