The Best Way To Make Your Face Smooth & Radiant

The Best Way To Make Your Face Smooth & Radiant

In fact, girls are more concerned when it comes to beauty. Especially when it has to do with skin care. Amen, Bella? No doubt, every girl wants to have healthy, glowing, and beautiful skin. brightand without a stain.

A dull and unsightly face will certainly lower your self-confidence and make your appearance look dull. Unfortunately, to overcome the problem of soft skin, there are still many girls who take immediate methods that are not necessarily safe.

One of them is doing skin whitening and collagen injections at fake beauty shops or clinics because they are tempted by the high prices. But don’t worry Bela, because in this article, Popbela wants to tell you a safe way to make your face skin bright, soft, and bright average.

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1. Look out Hi, Bella! Don’t be too easily tempted by the instant results offered by fake beauty clinics

Hello Dull Skin!  This is the perfect way to make your face smooth and glowingShutterstock/Drazen Zigic

Popbela understands, having healthy and glowing skin is every girl’s dream. Unfortunately, there are still many who use ‘shortcuts’ to get the skin of their dreams. From using fake creams to white needles in unlicensed beauty clinics.

Bela here, has anyone tried both methods? If yes, start stand come on! Don’t be easily tempted by the instant results and low prices offered. Instead of having white skin, Bela can actually be exposed to various dangerous diseases.

Citing the website of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), beauty products to lighten or whiten the skin need attention. The content of vitamin C injected into the body as a skin lightener can cause liver, kidney, and nervous system diseases.

Especially if Bela does skin whitening injections at a fake beauty clinic without the advice of a doctor or dermatologist. Ugh! Can you imagine how dangerous it is?

2. ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTING is ready to support you to get bright skin in the right way

Hello Dull Skin!  This is the perfect way to make your face smooth and glowingDock ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTING

It’s not Popbela if it doesn’t have the best solution for every problem that its readers face. Well, in this article Popbela will introduce you to ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING.

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ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING is a series of clinical programs from ERHA which focuses on solutions for healthy, hydrated, fresh, glowing skin, brightdiscoloration or hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone.

Through programs and treatments that are specially designed according to the skin needs of each patient, ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING is ready to support you to get bright skin in the right way!

For your information, Bela, ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING has 3 programs that you can try to get healthy and bright skin, namely:

  • The Glow Glam Program (healthy and glowing skin treatment)
    Bela, who wants to have the ultimate glowing skin, really has to try the Glow Glam Program. This series of treatments focuses on removing dead skin cells and adding moisture for healthy, glowing skin.
  • Crystal Clear Program (dark spot information)
    Are you still struggling with dark spots or hyperpigmentation? The Crystal Clear treatment series is the perfect solution, Bela. Remedy This is effective in reducing dark spots and making the skin tone brighter and more even.
  • Royal Wedding Program (Pre-marriage treatment)
    Is Bela planning to get married soon? There’s nothing wrong with trying a Royal Wedding Planner. This treatment is for Bela who wants to have a perfect look with bright and healthy skin on a happy day.

SoWhat treatment plan would you like to try? To be honest, Popbela is passionate about the Glow Glam Program. One of the treatments included in the Glow Glam Program is the Salmon DNA Treatment.

Out of curiosity, Popbela also took the time to test the Salmon DNA treatment at the ERHA clinic. Unexpectedly, Popbela’s face faded after the last break. In addition, Popbela also felt signs of dehydration.

So, what happened to Popbela when he tried this medicine? If Bela is interested, read this article to the end! Don’t-skip!

3. Why did Bela try DNA Salmon Treatment from ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING?

Hello Dull Skin!  This is the perfect way to make your face smooth and glowingInstagram/erha_ultimatebrightening

It’s no secret that DNA Salmon has become a trend of beauty care for celebrities around the world. In addition, Salmon DNA has also been approved as a treatment for skin cancer and scarring by the FDA from Korea.

Salmon DNA treatment at ERHA Hospital is a cosmetic procedure done by doctors by giving 2% Salmon (Polydeoxyribonucleotide) serum, Hyaluronic Acid, and Glutathione.

For your information Here, Bela, PDRN is important section obtained from salmon sperm. This content is almost identical to human DNA and is not found in general skin care. No wonder Salmon DNA Medicine is classified as a very expensive medicine.

Although it is not a cheap treatment, Salmon DNA Treatment has amazing benefits, you know, Bela. Some of the benefits you will feel from this treatment include:

  • Hydrates and smoothes the skin
  • Brightens and evens out skin tone
  • It makes the skin healthy too bright average
  • Increase skin elasticity to slow down the aging process
  • It closes the pores of the face
  • Increase collagen production
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There are two types of Salmon DNA Treatment that Bela can try at the ERHA beauty clinic:

  • Restoring Salmon Skin DNA: Decorative work by putting PDRN through art Electroporation injection system in the skin. So the skin will begin the process of physiological recovery.
  • DNA Salmon Glass Skin Injection: The doctor works by injecting the DNA of Salmon all over the face using a needle technique to get a glass face.

Wow, what an amazing Salmon DNA Treatment by ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING!

4. Bela can also contact like this the best what’s up dermatologist

Hello Dull Skin!  This is the perfect way to make your face smooth and Muspita Sari

Yes, there are many reasons why Popbela chose to undergo Salmon DNA treatment at the ERHA clinic. First, all the treatments here use the latest technology and are FDA approved.

Second, the ERHA ULTIMATE BRIGHTENING treatment program is administered by a trusted doctor, specialist or dermatologist. Taking the concept of 5C, you can discuss and contact in a calm as possible the best you know, and para skin expert.

Because it contains the 5C concept, patients can know the truth of the treatment that the doctor or dermatologist has actually given to the patients. During the consultation session, the doctor will explain from the planning stage to the final result.

What is the purpose of 5C? Here is a summary:

  • Delete Program: the program is selected according to the condition and needs of the skin
  • Delete Process: programs designed according to needs
  • Clear Desire: The final result is shown from the beginning
  • Clear Duration: clear the time and duration of the program
  • Clear Price: the price can be known from the beginning

Yes, so Bela doesn’t need to hesitate or feel afraid when doing the Salmon DNA Treatment here. Safety and security guaranteed!

5. Review: DNA Salmon Glass Skin Injection Treatment ERHA Clinic

Hello Dull Skin!  This is the perfect way to make your face smooth and Muspita Sari

As Popbela explained in the previous point, Popbela’s skin is weak and dry. Popbela is also interested in trying the Salmon Glass DNA skin injection treatment.

When he arrived at ERHA Clinic Kemang, South Jakarta, Popbela immediately received a warm welcome from the reception. After being asked to complete some information, Popbela was invited to meet Dr. Evelyn Lina Nainggolan, Sp.KK

Hello Dull Skin!  This is the perfect way to make your face smooth and Muspita Sari

When he got to his room, Evelyn’s doctor asked about the condition of her skin again remedy what Popbela wants to do. He also explained in detail step by step before and after DNA Salmon Glass Injection Skin Treatment.

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In fact, Popbela was very happy during her consultation with Evelyn’s doctor. In addition to his friendly demeanor, he is also able to explain in detail the Salmon Glass DNA Skin Injection Treatment that he started from. the planthe price, the end result and the time required by Popbela.

Hello Dull Skin!  This is the perfect way to make your face smooth and Muspita Sari

After consulting with Evelyn’s doctor, Popbela was directed to the operating room to begin the Salmon Glass DNA skin injection treatment. After wearing the PPE (Protective Equipment), first, Popbela’s face was cleaned from dust and dirt.

The next step, the nurse applied ointment to all parts of Popbela’s face (except the nose). This is to prevent pain when the Salmon DNA is injected into Popbela’s face.

Hello Dull Skin!  This is the perfect way to make your face smooth and Muspita Sari

After 30 minutes, Popbela could feel the anesthesia working well. At this time, Popbela’s face started to feel cold. In other words, Salmon DNA can be injected into Popbela’s face. Yes, and Popbela is happy!

The nurse cleaned the rest of the anesthetic cream off Popbela’s face. After stape mark Doctor Evelyn did. On step In this case, Popbela’s face was drawn using a white pencil as a working direction remedyshe.

Hello Dull Skin!  This is the perfect way to make your face smooth and Muspita Sari

And it’s time to inject Popbela’s face with Salmon DNA. Doctor Evelyn did this carefully. He injected the Salmon DNA vaccine starting from the cheek, left cheek, forehead, and right cheek. What a surprise, Popbela is actually not even sick you know! There is only slight pain when the medicine is injected in the face.

In the last step, the nurse applied bring back the cream to get rid of redness in Popbela’s skin. Last but not leastEvelyn’s doctor also provided a post-surgery cream for Popbela to use regularly.

Hello Dull Skin!  This is the perfect way to make your face smooth and Muspita Sari

SoOverall, Popbela is very satisfied with DNA Salmon Glass Skin Treatment at ERHA Clinic Kemang. After a few days remedyPopbela felt his face brighten, brightmore moist, and soft.

So, This treatment is approved Popbela! And it looks like Popbela will be coming back for treatments here because Popbela’s face is bright, moisturized, and protected from the signs of aging.

How about you, do you want to try it again, Bela? For more information about Salmon DNA Treatment, you can search directly Instagram @erha_ultimatebrightening or visit website they here. Enjoy your treatment, Alas! (WEB)

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