The best Korean series to watch on 6play

The best Korean series to watch on 6play

From the kdrama Hallyu Pinocchio to the first Korean series with 3D animation Yumi’s Cells to The inheritors with Lee Minho, the new catalog of the streaming platform 6play contains exciting Korean series to watch or rewatch.

The best Korean series on 6play

Here is our ranking of the best kdramas that landed on the platform in the new category “K for Korea”. Check out the full collection HERE

3. shit stars

Best Korean Series 6play

This kdrama marked two years after “Dr. Romantic 2” marks the first return of actress Lee Sung-kyung to the small screen in 2020.

The happy ending of the drama with Oh Han-byul (Lee Sung-kyung), the head of the PR team of an entertainment agency, and the best actor Gong Tae-sung (Kim Young-dae), who made their love affair public.

6play collection K for Korea with a selection of eight Korean series and programs

Kang Yoo-sung (Yoon Jong-hoon) and Park Ho-young (Kim Yoon-hye) had their first kiss, while Jo Ki-bum (Park So-jin) and Do Soo-hyuk (Lee Jung-shin) did are lovers.

The drama is a romantic comedy that focuses on celebrities, managers, PR teams and journalists from the entertainment industry.

2. Yumi’s cells

The webtoon-based drama of the same title revolves around our protagonist Yumi. We saw everything through her eyes, including the trials she faced and the joys and victories she celebrated.

The best Korean series to watch on 6play K-Selection

And since our protagonist’s main cell is Love Cell, his story also focused on his journey of finding love and ultimately losing it.

1. Doctor John

6play best korean series

One of the best kdramas of 2019. The acting is fantastic and the story is suspenseful, romantic and heartwarming.

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This Korean series is designed for medical and general audiences. The Kdrama raises many questions about euthanasia, the views of medical and legal professionals on the subject.

  Doctor John 6play Drama Coreen free

Doctor John managed to make us feel the pain of the patients and their families. It is one of the best must-watch and check-out medical series.

And you, what’s your best drama? play 6?

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