The Bermuda Triangle: The Mystery Solved?

The Bermuda Triangle: The Mystery Solved?

The legends surrounding the Bermuda Triangle are countless and each more eccentric than the last. Portal to another world, alien landmark, underwater city or even paranormal phenomena… Australian scientist Karl Kruszelnicki untangles the true from the false and claims to have solved the mythical riddle.

ce triangle maudit from 500,000 square kilometers, Stretching from the Bermuda archipelago to Miami and San Juan in Puerto Rico, it has terrified even the most seasoned sailor who ventures there… Since World War II theoriesif scientist or conspiracy theoristare flocking to the mystery of the disappearance that is happening in this place and making it famous.

The people who disappeared in this triangle have not been found alive or dead … Scientists, journalists and even authors have tried to find rational and realistic explanations for this mysterious disappearancebut none were convincing enough to silence all the absurd theories that have been invented over the years…

The myth that has arisen around the Triangle of Bermuda has its origins in December 1945, when 6 planes and 27 soldiers disappeared devil triangle. The carcasses and remains of the plane crashes never surfaced again and seem to have been sucked into the deep abyss of the cursed place…

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As an explanation for this tragedy, the official statement, which is still on the agenda, cites machine malfunction or human error, the two main causes of plane accidents. Far from satisfying the most rebellious spirits conspiracy theorist, believing they are being duped by the system, this logical explanation of the drama has instilled a set of superstitious, insane beliefs in millions of people around the world. Not to calm the influx of theories, on average four planes and 20 boats go missing each year triangle maudit.

dismantling of theories

Researchers generally take tweezers to confirm their theories and remain cautious. On the other hand, everyone agrees that the area is particularly dangerous for all navigators and sailors who pass through it, in particular due to the methane release and meteorological problems.

The renowned and award-winning Australian-born scientist, Karl Kruszelnickiputs himself on the fringes of the scientific community on this issue. In fact, he puts forward a very simple theory: the mystery that surrounds us The Bermuda Triangle just wouldn’t be necessary considering there wouldn’t be more disappearances in this place than anywhere else… Any huge theories surrounding this legend would just be pure fabrications!

The one we call dr Karl dispels all the myths attributed to him, simply declaring that the number of people disappearing in this belt of seas is not higher than in any other, but that this is only due to the difficult navigation in this area in extreme weather conditions is. As for the accident that started the legend in 1945, the scientist has no doubt that human error was the cause of the crash! He relies on facts and testimonies to support his claims.

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To the chagrin of rational minds, even if the explanations of Kruszelnicki are able to appease the conspiratorial frenzy around the land Triangle of BermudaIt is more than unlikely that the entire scientific community will agree on a single statement in the future.

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