The arrival of the month of Safar in the Islamic calendar, is the month really full of luck?

The arrival of the month of Safar in the Islamic calendar, is the month really full of luck?

Some believe in the month of Safar in the calendar Islam It is an unlucky month. The people of Saudi Arabia in ancient times believed that in this month there will be all kinds of calamities, from war to epidemics.

But is it true that the month of Safar is an unlucky month, from the point of view of Islam, if many people believe in the month of Safar?

So, what is the month of Safar, the month of bad luck?

Safar is the second month in the Islamic calendar. After the end of Muharram, Safar will appear and Muslims must pass them until the next month enters.

It was reported by MUI that the assumption that Safar can bring good luck appeared in the Arab jahiliyyah community. They believe this month as an interesting month, unlucky, and a good time for bad things to come.

When it comes to language, Safar means emptiness. It is taken from empty space or space. Because in the old days there were many Arabs who traveled or traveled during the month of Safar.

Not for nothing, the Arabs in the past also considered Safar as a disease that appeared inside. The disease is also described as a giant worm in the stomach and it is very deadly. That is why Safar is considered as a lucky month.

In fact, the belief that travel is an unlucky month was directly refuted by Prophet Muhammad. This comes in the hadith as follows:

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No infection, no bird, no importance, no zero

It means;

“There is no calamity due to ‘adwa (belief in the occurrence of diseases), no thiyarah (consideration of bad luck so as not to give charity), no hammah (ignorant belief about reincarnation) and no Safar (consideration and the month of Safar as a sacred or sacred month) ”. (HR Bukhari)

The launch of NU Online, Adwa mentioned by the Prophet in the hadith, is a disease that spreads by itself, without any plan, without God’s permission.

Islam does not know days, months, periods, or even years of bad luck. All months are the same, no one is better or worse.

Time is completely in the control of Allah SWT who created it. It is necessary for every Muslim to know that there is no good or bad influence except with the permission of Allah SWT. Likewise with the month of Safar.

Good luck or bad luck is a way of life and in Islam it does not depend on time, but on the order and the way human beings manage their lives.


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