The 7 Hottest Male Idols in K-Pop According to Japanese Teens

The 7 Hottest Male Idols in K-Pop According to Japanese Teens

With the growing popularity of K-pop around the world, Japan, neighboring South Korea, is expected to be one of the main points of interest for companies looking to expand their market outside of the country. The celebrity industry has gained influence in makeup, fashion and entertainment in Japan. Not to mention that the number of Japanese idols debuting as K-pop stars has also increased recently.

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But what is the Japanese audience’s taste when it comes to idols? To determine this, 20,804 Japanese teenagers were asked to vote for the hottest K-pop idols. Here are the seven most voted male idols.


1. Jin from BTS

The ‘Worldwide Handsome’ star took first place in the poll when Japanese teenagers voted him hottest K-pop star. Jin is known for his flawless skin, stunning looks and stunning proportions. So it was only natural for the BTS member to top the list.

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2.Niki d’ENHYPEN

As the first and only Japanese K-pop star on the list, Niki placed second in the poll. The ENHYPEN star’s incredible stage presence and amazing dancing skills were definitely a huge plus for her gorgeous looks. Seems like Japanese teenagers just can’t resist Niki’s charisma.

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3. Stray Kids Lee Know

Lee Know ranked third on the list of Hottest K-Pop Idols. The Stray Kids member is known for his beautiful looks and equally perfect personality. Lee Know is also versatile in the group, the idol can dance, sing and rap, which only adds to his charm.

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| SBS Inkigayo

4. V the BTS

It’s hard to imagine a list of the hottest K-pop stars regardless of which country votes in the rankings without V at the top. The BTS star took fourth place, once again proving her unbeatable looks. It looks like Japanese teenagers aren’t immune to V’s charisma either, just like the rest of the world.

| @thv/Instagram

5. Jungkook from BTS

After Jin and V, BTS’ Jungkook is the third BTS member to top the list. The band’s lead singer is another star known for his stunning looks and “bad boy” look. Recent photos from his project with Calvin Klein are the necessary proof that Jungkook is definitely one of the hottest K-pop stars in the world, Japan included.

6. Cha Eunwoo from ASTRO

One of the few K-pop stars known for their acting careers as much as they are known for their idols, Cha Eunwoo ranked sixth in the poll. The ASTRO star is famous for his sculpted face and handsome proportions – traits he displays in ASTRO performances as well as in his many appearances as an actor.

| @eunwo.o_c/Instagram

7. Taemin de SHINee

Despite being absent from the K-pop scene for a few months due to his military service, Taemin remains in the minds of Japanese fans, who voted him the 7th hottest K-pop idol. With SHINee being highly regarded in Japan and Taemin having one of the most attractive visual, vocal and dancing skills in all of K-Pop, his ranking comes as no surprise to anyone.

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