The 5 must-listen French rap albums

The 5 must-listen French rap albums

Rap culture has taken an important place in the daily life of the French. Some artists have shaped the history of rap with albums that have become legendary. Here are the top 5 most important albums that you absolutely must listen to at least once in your life.

5 – nest – target

It was necessary to choose someone who would finish this peak, it wasn’t easy… That doesn’t detract from the quality of this successful album by Ninho. A real walk in the rapper’s universe. The melodies are neat and titles like “The life we ​​lead‘, peaceful, enchanting blend perfectly with songs like ‘Paris is magical‘ with harsh sounds. Project full of ambition and hope, it is the sincerity in the lyrics that will make it a success. This very well received album projects Ninho into a new world. That of the big ones.

4 – Orelsan – The party is over

This is what fans have been waiting for. An album that maximizes Orelsan’s potential. He surrenders. About an artist’s life, the problems, behind the scenes. An authentic aspect in which the collaborations are also perfectly chosen. The tracklist is well chosen and the order is consistent. In this project, one of the most powerful pieces remains “Notes for too late”. 7 minutes and 35 seconds of pure youth therapy, a slap in the face. Only downside, the sub-standard re-release which will disappoint many fans.

3 – IAM – The school of the silver microphone

How to make an album the best without mentioning this generational classic. This disc goes through the centuries. He is still a source of inspiration for most modern rappers today. A real flow lesson, the album captivates audiences. For this third studio album, IAM provides prods with varied sounds that can be heard in both summer and winter. If you have to describe rap in one project, then this is it. In the great tutorial on this style, L’école du micro d’argent is a REQUIRED passage. Dive into the 90s, dust off your Walkman and discover this timeless project.

2 – NLP – Two Brothers

It is 3 years after the mythical “In the legend“ that the two brothers Tarik and Nabil are making their comeback with great fanfare. Your silence-based communication is a winning bet. After a return in January 2019 with the release of the singular “91s“, the two UFOs of Tarterêts unveil the clip of the future hit “Au DD”. On the roof of the Eiffel Tower, it is an optical masterpiece. The album is perfect. Haunting titles, or the lyrics are profound. More introspective stories that take us into the intimacy of the two brothers. Fans learn more about their relationship and their father. Sometimes they deal with the future, sometimes with the past, but above all with doubts about the continuation of their careers. The doubt remains, is this the last album? Special mention for the track “Offline‘, there is a before-and-after listen. If first place could be shared, this project would be in.

1 – NLP – In the legend

How can you miss that slap? The million-selling album bears his name perfectly. The two brothers enter the rap legend. It’s just perfect, from the intro to the outro to the mythical”To the last gram“. Everything is here. Nabil is finally showing his full potential in this project that perfectly complements his brother’s single-minded flows. I would give anything to go back to the first listen and rediscover every corner of this album. NOS and Ademo all agreed it’s an undeniable classic inspiring a whole new generation. You created a style, a universe. Thank you very much.

… by Adrien Boidin (ranked with Yann Bayart)

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