The 4 most important things TREASURE did during Jeongwoo’s high school graduation that make us jealous of their friendship

The 4 most important things TREASURE did during Jeongwoo’s high school graduation that make us jealous of their friendship

earlier this month, TREASURE made headlines for her adorable performance on Member jeongwooit is a high school diploma. They have since released an official vlog to detail what happened behind the scenes.

Check out some of their cutest interactions below!

1. When they went shopping for gifts

Before you go to Jeongwoo’s graduation ceremony, Asahi etc Jaehyuk went shopping for him. They chose a Letterman jacket to match his “simple” fashion sense and show they know him well.

Asahi: Let’s choose something for Jeongwoo to wear… he likes simple styles.

Jaehyuk: Yes, he likes that.

The members finally presented her with three gifts, which they placed in a paper bag with her photo and handwritten messages. Judging by Jeongwoo’s surprised expression, he was really enjoying it.

2. When they made their own banners

After that, TREASURE made sure they attended Jeongwoo’s graduation ceremony, although they weren’t sure if they could come. They each brought a sign they thought resembled what fans would bring to a K-pop idol concert.

  • We are proud of you Jeongwoo!
  • Agent Iksan (hometown of Jeongwoo). May your twenties always shine with a thousand lights!
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They stood at the back of the auditorium the whole time, proudly waving their banners.

3. When they announced their presence

You’ve definitely made your mark! Like the close friends they are, they didn’t hesitate to call out Jeongwoo’s name loud enough that their voices echoed around the room and everyone turned to look at her. They were so loud that the member in question asked them to turn down the volume!

4. When they were thrilled that he received his award

Finally, like Jeongwoo’s parents, TREASURE was at the ceremony and seemed very excited when they learned that he was receiving the Special Achievement Award.

I look good in the middle Jeongwoo! Jeongwoo, we are proud of you!


BONUS: When they surprised Haruto

As a bonus, TREASURE was also kind to Haruto, who is the same age as he is. Jaehyuk made every effort to prepare a similar gift for her, feeling depressed because he didn’t have a high school diploma. Originally from Japan, Haruto gave up his chance to study at a traditional school to focus on his career.

Jaehyuk even disguised himself as a professor to present him with a provisional diploma. The younger one couldn’t help but look at him with a moved expression.

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When it comes to showing appreciation for one another, TREASURE never holds back! Watch the full video below to see it firsthand.