The 11 Most Common Bodybuilding Mistakes Women Make

The 11 Most Common Bodybuilding Mistakes Women Make

A good look is a necessity for every woman, right, Bela. Various methods are used to obtain the original appearance. However, because of her dream, it turns out that many women make mistakes in their Here comes 11 my mistakemakeup what most women do.

1. Use sunscreen with high SPF content

The 11 most common makeup mistakes

There is no use sunscreen a great everyday SPF, because you still use it every 2-3 hours. So, even though you use SPF 50, it doesn’t mean that your skin is protected from the sun all day long.

2. Inexperience makeup before sleep

The 11 most common makeup mistakes

Sleep without cleaning makeup it can be bad for the skin. When sleeping, the face should be clean so that the skin can breathe freely. Well, if makeup and dirt is still attached, your skin’s pores will become clogged and can cause acne.

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3. Rub your face hard when applying makeup

The 11 most common makeup mistakes Shutterstock/ageevphoto

Applying the face properly is considered to be able to clean the rest of the makeup to the maximum. In fact, this will irritate the skin and lose the moisture of the skin.

4. Do not use moisturizer

The 11 most common makeup mistakes

Even if your skin is oily, you still need to moisturize. The reason is that the moisturizer can make the skin soft and smooth makeup sticky.

5. Don’t give up root dryness

The 11 most common makeup mistakes

Mistake makeup Another thing is that you cough too quickly root with makeup the rest. Whereas root Also, it takes time to dry and absorbs right into the face.

6. Try more makeup

The 11 most common makeup mistakes

Because of the love of all the benefits that are available in cosmetics, many women end up trying a lot makeup. Although your skin needs at least 1-3 months to adapt to it makeup.

7. Forget about lip care

The 11 most common makeup mistakes

Busy with face and eye care, it makes some women forget about lip care. Although Bergonta lipstick can also make the lips black and dry. At the very least, apply lip balm before bed and be sure to choose products with SPF when outdoors.

8. Use makeup all day

The 11 most common makeup mistakes

Leave the skin full of nine makeup all day will make your skin damaged and make it easier for blackheads and pimples to appear. So that the skin doesn’t have enough time to breathe because it is covered all the time makeup.

9. Failure to brush makeup frequently

The 11 most common makeup mistakes

It’s not just your face that needs to be washed regularly, scrubbed makeup that you use again. Wash the brush makeup once every 2 weeks, this means removing bacteria and dust attached to the brush.

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10. Use makeup it ended

The 11 most common makeup mistakes

Many women forget the first time they use the product makeup or you don’t know if each product has a different expiration date. For example, mascara can only last 3-6 months. root water lasts an average of 6 months, eyelash The gel can last up to 1 year, and the powder can last up to 2 years.

11. Use root excessive

The 11 most common makeup mistakes

To get taking a photo perfect, we often choose to use root surgical. Although this will not work much, the article root they are precious taking a photo different.

These are eleven mistakes that are often made insidemakeup. Don’t let it happen!

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