The 10 sixths to send to your partner

The 10 sixths to send to your partner

Intimate messages, sexts. Nothing like it to improve your sex life. Here’s something to inspire you…

Sexts are messages with a sexual, sensual, or romantic connotation that you send to your partner or to someone with whom you have an intimate or sexual relationship. These can be flirty, teasing, or salacious messages designed to stimulate the other person’s sexual desire and arousal. Naughty messages can vary in intensity and clarity depending on the preferences and limitations of everyone involved in the conversation. It is important to clearly communicate with your partner what is comfortable and appropriate for everyone to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.

I know you’re very busy today… how about adding “making love” to your to-do list?

I want you. Immediately.

Darling, you’re haunting my mind every second. I imagine how your tongue slowly slides from my breasts to my sex. I burn.

I am a bit hungry. I’ll eat you good piece by piece with whipped cream.

On the menu for tonight: whip or handcuffs?

Come to me quickly and make me vibrate like you do so well.

I’m in my bathroom and I have only one wish: that you come with me

Wait for me on the bed, I’m on my way…

You don’t leave my mind I’m looking forward to tonight. I have a few ideas, see you early morning…

I will come back to you so much that all the pancakes of Brittany will be jealous of it 😉

One piece of advice though, you never know… Before you send it, make sure you aren’t being mistaken for the recipient: be careful not to address your SMS to your manager at work, or to your father or mother. Also, address it at the right time. And now it’s up to your imagination…

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