Thai netizens react negatively? • Kpop News

Thai netizens react negatively? • Kpop News

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been embroiled in a controversy in Thailand over her recent photoshoot, where she revealed her small tattoo.

On March 7, Thai media Thairath and Sanook reported that BLACKPINK Lisa’s recent photo shoot for fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar caused controversy in Thailand. While the photoshoot was released in early March, it has been the subject of debate in Lisa’s country of origin for a few days.

On the cover, Lisa wears a sleeveless top and strikingly sexy poses. The female idol also revealed a small tattoo on her lower back, near her waist. According to Thairath, this is the reason for the controversy.

The debate started with a post on Twitter asking why Lisa would get the tattoo and explaining that Thai people view tattoos negatively, even though they have positive meanings. The original poster goes on to say that the elderly in Thailand do not like tattoos and they may even hinder employment. OP added that it would be best for Lisa to be an idol and role model to people of different ages and genders.


Many Thai netizens share this sentiment. However, Lisa’s fans have defended the idol, saying a tattoo is an individual right and not something to debate. They also pointed out that Lisa earns hundreds of millions of baht a month and doesn’t have to worry about employment issues.

“It’s his body. His money. Why do you care what she wants to do? said a fan. “It’s funny. What time is it now? It seems we can’t keep up with the world. She’s already so rich and the most important thing is not to interfere in other people’s bodies. It’s her life and she has the right to do what she wants. said another fan, as reported by Thairath.

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Several major fan sites in Thailand shared the tweet about Lisa’s tattoo, with some posts garnering as many as 140,000 comments.


Meanwhile, Lisa’s photoshoot in South Korea has been praised and her tattoo hasn’t sparked controversy as it’s relatively small and in a hard-to-see spot.

The Korea Times previously reported on the growing popularity of tattoos among young people, particularly Korean celebrities, who are increasingly flaunting their tattoos with confidence. Despite previous negative stereotypes, more and more K-pop stars like BTS’ Jung Kook, Jay Park, WINNER’s Mino and HyunA are showing off their various tattoos.

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