Terms of Marriage at KUA, Easy and Free

Terms of Marriage at KUA, Easy and Free


Getting married in the office of religious affairs (DONE) is not difficult. In order for the trip to run smoothly, the bride and groom (catin) need to prepare some requirements for marriage in the KUA that has been placed.

A file of requirements nikah at KUA it is used for administrative purposes. The terms of marriage of a bride and the terms of marriage of men are not different.

This requirement for marriage is stated in the law of the Minister of Religion No. 20 of 2019 regarding marriage registration. According to the law, it is required to register the marriage in the KUA local government where the marriage will take place.

For example, you want to get married at KUA Cilandak, South Jakarta, then the marriage request is registered at the KUA office. Marriage registration is done no more than 10 working days before the wedding day.

If it is less than 10 working days, the cat must attach a letter of distribution from the camat on behalf of the mayor/mayor. Weddings must be held at KUA on weekdays and working hours, that is from Monday to Friday at 07.30-16.00 WIB.

Marriage Conditions in KUA 2022

example of a weddingExample. Documents required for marriage at KUA that need to be prepared. (Photo: iStock/saiva)

Marriage requirements at KUA consist of the following documents:

  1. Marriage cover letter from the village/kelurahan where the bride and groom live
  2. A copy of the Birth Certificate of each prospective bride and groom
  3. A copy of the National Identity Card (KTP) of each bride and groom and each parent or guardian
  4. Family card (KK) photo of each prospective bride and groom
  5. A marriage recommendation letter from KUA local government for women who are getting married outside the local government where they live.
  6. The consent of the bride and groom
  7. Written consent from parents or guardians of prospective spouses under 21 years of age
  8. Permission from a guardian if the parents or guardians of the bride and groom are dead or unable to declare their will.
  9. Permission from the court if parents, guardians and guardians are not present
  10. Judgments issued by the court for spouses who are under 19 years of age
  11. Authorization letter from superior or unit if the bride-to-be is a member of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) or Indonesian Police (Polri)
  12. Provision of polygamy by Religious Courts for couples who wish to marry more than one woman
  13. Divorce law or divorce registry book or divorce registry book for those whose divorce occurred before Law 7 of 1989 regarding Religious Courts came into force.
  14. A death certificate or a death certificate of a husband or wife by the head of the village or another official at the same level for the widow or the deceased wife.
  15. 5 2×3 photos and 2 4×6 photos for each bride and groom.
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How to Register a Marriage at KUA

If all the conditions are met, then follow the procedure for registering a marriage at the KUA below.

  1. Visit the RT head to apply for a marriage cover letter in the village/kelurahan
  2. Visit the village/kelurahan office with marriage cover letter from RT head to get marriage cover letter to KUA
  3. Visit KUA to register marriage and submit marriage request at KUA to the officer
  4. Check the marriage records of prospective brides and guardians
  5. Determine the date and time of the wedding at KUA
  6. On the day and time of the contract, the bride and groom only need to attend the wedding ceremony at KUA by bringing their parents, guardians, and witnesses. Done.

For more information, marriage fees at KUA are free as long as it is conducted on working days and hours.

Unless the bride and groom want to hold a wedding ceremony outside the KUA and during working hours, 600 thousand Naira will be paid.

That is the condition of marriage in KUA. Easy, right? I hope this helps.


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