Tennis: A former player denounces criticism of her weight

Tennis: A former player denounces criticism of her weight

Former Australian tennis player-turned-advisor and currently playing at the Australian Open, Jelena Dokic has spoken out about the “disgusting” criticism and comments about her physique and weight.

“Disgusting” comments. The Australian Jelena Dokic has been relativizing the critics of her physique since the start of the Australian Open. The former world No. 4, who gives TV interviews on Melbourne pitches after games, has been the target of numerous insulting and “delusional” posts about her weight. These comments come from all over the world but mostly from Croatia where she was born. And they are mainly exhibited by women.

“A lot of these people are women. It’s a shame for ‘women support women’,” the former 39-year-old lamented on her Instagram account. “The most common comment is, ‘What happened to her, why is she so fat?'” she added.

“I will tell you what happened, I find a way to survive and fight. And it really doesn’t matter what I do or what happens because the weight shouldn’t matter. What matters is the online abuse, bullying and humiliation of fat people. That’s what matters, because those of you who do it are just bad, mean, ignorant people.”

In the past, Jelena Dokic said she was molested and beaten by her father for years and has already spoken publicly about her mental health, revealing that she was on the verge of suicide a few months ago.

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