Telecommuting: what are the benefits for landlords and tenants?

Telecommuting: what are the benefits for landlords and tenants?

One has to go back to the 1980s and the advent of new office automation technologies to hear the concept of “teleworking” for the first time. Back then, some French companies specializing in IT wanted to experiment with working from home to see if an employee could work remotely and in good conditions. But only more recently, and especially after the global health crisis of 2019, has this trend become more democratic in the workplace. On the one hand to avoid the risk of infection within a company and on the other hand to make the working conditions of the employees easier.

Today we can see that the benefits of remote work are profitable for both employers and employees. The numbers show that employees who work from home are faster and more efficient in their work. And a large majority of them admit that they also prefer this situation: less pressure at work, more flexible working hours and of course the comfort of being able to work from a desk.

If the benefits of remote work are numerous in an employee/employee relationship, they are also numerous in a tenant/owner relationship. Let’s see together how teleworking is affecting the real estate market in France.

Tenants: working remotely and under what conditions?

As we have already mentioned, employees prefer this new way of working, which better suits the current professional world.

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Working from home is power adjust their working hours. So you can enjoy the presence of your loved ones while sitting on your desk.

Use those too comfort and the tranquility of their accommodation: With more space, a larger desk, a higher-quality office chair or even more light than in your company, the teleworker develops in a calm and hard-working atmosphere. If you are looking for an apartment for rent with rooms for telework, specialized platforms can help you: you can apply filters to your search by specifying the type of furnishings or furniture you want (office furniture, office space, armchairs, lamps, etc.). .

All of these factors promote a state of welfare for the employee-tenant, who can now concentrate on his work stress-free and without constraints.

Owners: telecommuters, a new niche?

It is important for owners to target this new clientele, made up of people who work remotely. First of all, telecommuters are the most common active youth, singles or couples without childrenhaving a job that allows them to work from home.

Then, and this is where it gets interesting for landlords, you need a minimum standard, whether furnished or unfurnished: a good wifi connectionAnd Office or a dedicated room and why not, a jardin or a terrace to decompress after several hours behind the computer! The addition of additional services will allow owners to increase the price due to the investments made and stand out from potential competing landlords.

A new type of apartment

Over time we have been able to observe that certain types of accommodation correspond to certain types of households: the apartment with a mezzanine for a couple and two children, the furnished studio close to amenities for an elderly person living alone, the farmhouse of the Provencal family with swimming pool for summer time… Now we need to add the “bright apartment with space for telework” for teleworkers.

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