Teen actress Kim Ji Young responds to rapper’s boyfriend’s ghost allegations

Teen actress Kim Ji Young responds to rapper’s boyfriend’s ghost allegations

rapper ACHILLE recently accused teen actress Kim Ji Young by the ghost after borrowing money from his family. According to the rapper, her family helped her by letting her live with him in a rented house that they paid for. When she was allegedly abused by her parents, ACHILLO claimed her family tried to protect Kim Ji Young and helped her. Unfortunately, she had moved on after starting a new relationship.

I didn’t want to make it public. But after thinking about it for six months, I decided to share it. Kim Ji Young and I lived together. She struggled with abuse from her parents. So, despite existing debts, my parents took out additional loans to help him find a place to live. My parents also paid the rent, of course.

But one day she disappeared without a trace. He told me that he is now in a relationship with @kkimjinsol and that I should stop contacting her. She promised to take care of the financial situation she is involved in. [with my family]. But I haven’t heard from her since.


Kim Ji Young has since responded to her claims. While keeping a low profile on the details, Kim Ji Young is preparing the appropriate steps to make it legal.

Hi. This is actress Kim Ji Young. First of all, I am so sorry for anyone who was disappointed or confused by this incident. I am currently preparing to tackle the headline-grabbing case and other issues under the guidance of my parents and the law. I am sorry to deliver this message during the holidays. I’ll tell you the other details later. We’re sorry

– Kim Ji Young

ACHILLO has yet to respond to his statement.

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