Taylor Swift shows her love for BLACKPINK on the first night of The Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift shows her love for BLACKPINK on the first night of The Eras Tour.

World Queen of Pop Taylor Swift continues to show her love for her fellow queens of world pop NOIRPINKand this time it was his big tour return after five years.

Taylor Swift rehearses for her The Eras Tour | @taylorswift/Instagram

Taylor Swift, meanwhile, revealed herself as BLINK MTVIt is VM 2022 (also known as Music Video Awards 2022), in which the talented quartet also took part.

BLACKPINK made their US debut at the awards show VM 2022. The band and Lisa won an award that night and stole the show with their red carpet appearance and performance of their hit song “Pink Venom”.

(L to R) BLACKPINK’s Rosé, Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo on stage at the 2022 VMAs | MTV

Prior to the awards ceremony, Taylor Swift showed off her transformation from casual wear to her event-ready dress on TikTok with BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” on audio.

@Taylor Swift

The All Too Well team brings the emotional pain to the VMAs… 🧣

♬ Venin Rose – BLACKPINK

At the ceremony, she proved she was BLINK’s greatest by dancing and singing to BLACKPINK’s performance.

Supporter l’after the VMA, BLACKPINK’s rose met Taylor Swift and her fellow singer-songwriter Sabrina Charpentier and posed for an iconic photo.

Taylor Swift’s interaction and BLINK status gave fans hope that BLACKPINK and Taylor would work together in the future.

While we still don’t have a collaboration, Taylor Swift continues to show her love for BLACKPINK, and this time it was during her opening show. The tour through the epochs.

As the Swifties packed State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, many were thrilled to hear BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom” perform before the show. Videos captured by fans showed the crowd cheering and chanting, proving that there were other BLINKs at the stadium.

BLINKs was delighted with the support and remains hopeful that the icons will work together soon.

Taylor Swift is also channeling K-pop in other ways on her new tour. Learn more about it in the following article!

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