Taxi Driver 2 was voted Korea’s favorite kdrama ahead of The Glory

Taxi Driver 2 was voted Korea’s favorite kdrama ahead of The Glory

Korean kdramas and TV programs are always amazing and attract attention from all over the world.

But when it comes to Korea, which program is the most popular? Let’s find out together!

In a report, Gallup Korea released the results of its poll of South Koreans’ favorite TV shows. The analysis was carried out on 1,003 people aged 18 and over from April 17 to 20.

The participants had to decide which of the series made a clear impression.

And the results will surprise some! According to the results, SBS’ Taxi Driver 2 took first place ahead of Netflix’s Mr. Trot 2” and “The Glory”.

“Taxi Driver 2” received a preference vote of 5.2%, followed by “Mr. Trot 2′ at 3.9%, The Glory at 3.6%, Jinny’s Kitchen at 2.5% and The Real Has Come! at 2.3%. »

Not only did Taxi Driver 2 surpass the highest ratings of its first season, it also became the highest rated show of any miniseries in 2023, underscoring the popularity of Kdrama.

The production team has also confirmed the third season of Taxi Driver, following the huge success of the action crime drama Kdrama. The surprise announcement was made as soon as the show aired its second season finale.

What’s your favorite kdrama of the last few months?

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