“Taxi Driver 2” Lee Je Hoon, “Nam Goong Min’s cameo was my idea… He took the script with him on his honeymoon”

“Taxi Driver 2” Lee Je Hoon, “Nam Goong Min’s cameo was my idea… He took the script with him on his honeymoon”

Actor Lee Je Hoon thanked actor Nam Goong Min for his special performance in Taxi Driver 2.

On April 17th, Lee Je Hoon had an interview with Sports Chosun at a coffee shop in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. he shared “I personally asked Nam Goong Min to star in ‘Taxi Driver 2’.”

In episode 9 of the SBS drama “Taxi Driver 2”, which aired on March 24, Nam Goong Min briefly developed the concept of “One Dollar Lawyer”. Previously, Lee Je Hoon also played the cameo role of star Lee Je Hoon in Nam Goong Min’s One Dollar Lawyer. This interaction between the two actors as “integrating the SBS drama worldview” received positive reactions from viewers.

Lee Je Hoon said: “Nam Goong Min asked me if I could do a cameo in ‘One Dollar Lawyer’ first, and at the time I thought it would be really nice if he could also appear in ‘Taxi Driver 2’.”add to “So I pitched the idea to him and he immediately said yes and said, ‘I’d like to.’ After I got his offer to play in Taxi Driver 2, I also spoke to the director and the head of the production team about it.


The actor continues “Nam Goong Min was supposed to appear in the Black Sun story (Episode 11-14), but I thought it would be more interesting if he could appear in the drama as Chun Ji Hoon from ‘One Dollar Lawyer.’ With this idea, I was surprised to find that dramas produced by SBS can share their worldviews. He added, “I was so sorry he had to take the script with him, even when he was on his honeymoon, because his character had so many lines. I was so sorry I could only give him reactions. In fact, I was very surprised to see him perform on set. He executed long lines perfectly in one stroke in such a cool way.

SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Taxi Driver 2” (written by Oh Sang Ho, directed by Lee Dan) is a private revenge drama about the Rainbow Taxi Company and taxi driver Kim Do Ki (Lee Je Hoon) taking revenge in private names of unjust sacrifices. According to Nielsen Korea, the final episode of the second season recorded a new peak viewership rate of 25.6%, which is the highest ever for any mini-series in 2023.

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