Tariffs Rise, Ojol Delivery Lovers: Don’t get married

Tariffs Rise, Ojol Delivery Lovers: Don’t get married


Fuel price increase (BBM) is not the only problem that people will face, especially those who still rely on low prices, sales, and big discounts.

The reason is, now the cost of transportation online or ojol (Online motorcycle taxis) are also official, whether it is for passenger fares or to order food. It was as if he was squeezed from everywhere.

This increase in the actual tariff makes the participating children confused, who rarely cook for themselves and often order food using ojol.

Irfan, a freelancer with an office in SCD area, admits that he has suffered a lot due to the increase in jol prices. Moreover, he uses this ojol service not only to order food but sometimes to change places as well.

“Eat twice a day, you order ojol, it goes up, it’s difficult for us. Salary can only be used to order food,” said Irfan while talking to CNNIndonesia.com, Monday (12 /9).

Irfan said that the amount of money that caused him confusion was not worth the salary he was getting. He also had time to think about his own cooking at the boarding house. But it’s hard to manage time because life in Jakarta is fast-paced.

Not to mention that he also has no cooking skills. You can just scramble eggs or cook instant noodles.

“Going to work at 8, I want to cook breakfast and lunch, not in a hurry, then at least I buy, if you want cheap, you buy at warteg, but the price of food at warteg has risen. Because of the increase in oil petrol,” he complained.

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“If you go up and down, I will not marry you,” he said as he continued to speak.

The rise in prices adds to a long list of economic shocks that certainly don’t just hurt singles. Housewives who struggle while taking care of babies and sometimes don’t have time to cook are also affected.

No people are worried about the price hike. Everyone is affected, because they all have to use a food delivery service more or less often.

Parents are also checked