Taeyang “It’s okay if Min Hyo Rin turns into a cockroach…I’ll cherish it” • Kpopnews

Taeyang “It’s okay if Min Hyo Rin turns into a cockroach…I’ll cherish it” • Kpopnews

Singer Taeyang opened up about his relationship with BTS Jimin, BLACKPINK Lisa and rapper Beenzino.

BIGBANG Tae Yang, who released his new EP album “Down to Earth” on April 25th, made a guest appearance on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” on April 27th.

A listener asked Taeyang, “What would you do if your wife turned into a cockroach?“After expressing confusion for a while, Taeyang replied:”I have to appreciate them. It would be difficult if she were a camel cricket. I’m glad she’s not a camel cricket. If it was a cockroach, I would appreciate it.

Taeyang mentioned the young artists involved in his album. Down to Earth includes VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS), Shoong! (feat. BLACKPINK’s Lisa)” and “Inspiration (feat. Beenzino)”.

Taeyang spoke about Jimin: “When I went out for a private dinner, I was lucky enough to meet some members of BTS. I remember Teddy saying, “It would be cool if Jimin and Taeyang worked on a song together.” We (Jimin and Taeyang) talked about it and were excited to work together.”


About Lisa he said: “I was there when Lisa auditioned for YG. She sang beautifully. I thought she would make it.”

Taeyang worked with Beenzino after meeting him in the military. Taeyang shared: “I met him while preparing for a show at the Ground Forces Festival. We didn’t talk about working together back then. After this song (inspiration) came about, I thought it would be great if Beenzino played in it, so I went to see him and let him listen to it. I asked him to come and he gladly accepted..”

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