TAEYANG (BIGBANG) reveals how his collaboration with JIMIN (BTS) was born – K-GEN

TAEYANG (BIGBANG) reveals how his collaboration with JIMIN (BTS) was born – K-GEN

Taeyang recently mentioned his collaboration with Jimin.

On January 13th, the BIGBANG member released the MV for “VIBE” with the BTS member.

Ahead of the single’s release, Taeyang prepared fans by meeting them at a live countdown to talk about his comeback.

He first confessed: “This is the first time I’ve released solo music in 6 years since my third album came out in 2017. Because it’s been so long, I’m pretty nervous. »

He revealed about his collaboration with Jimin: “About two years ago, BTS members weren’t individually as active as they are today. I’ve been working on music ever since I got back from the army, and Teddy-hyung once said to me in passing, “Now would be a perfect time for you and Jimin to release a song together. Everyone would like it, I’m sure. When I heard that, I was surprised. I had never thought of such a thing. »

“But since I’ve never asked anyone to perform with me in my music, it was difficult to find a way to do it.”he explained.

Taeyang continued: “It was always in the back of my mind, but over the last year I’ve been invited to several events and met BTS members. Eventually I met Jimin and while we were talking about this and that, of course we were talking about how nice it would be to make music together. From then on I was able to invite him into the studio to work on that song. »

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