Taehwan (VANNER) exempted from military service – K-GEN

Taehwan (VANNER) exempted from military service – K-GEN

The reason why Taehwan will not do his military service has been revealed.

Representing the group VANNER in the show “Peak Time”, Taehwan is the leader of the group, which so far has been one of the serious contenders for the victory in the show.

During the show, the group’s members revealed that they worked part-time alongside their idol careers to earn money.

Taehwan notably revealed that he tried many side jobs alongside his career, not to mention serving as the band’s manager himself.

Taehwan was recently granted a military service exemption, which means he does not have to enlist for military service.

The 1994 vintage would normally have moved in this year at the latest, but in the end it will not do its job.

He received this decision due to the death of his father, who died in an accident in 2017. Taehwan is now “his family’s only real source of income,” according to the decision.

Taehwan comes from a farming family and despite his financial difficulties, the boy’s mother has always supported him in his dreams. Penniless, she now relies on her son to help her survive after making many sacrifices for him, and thus Taehwan was exempted from military service.

This touching story has moved many fans who hope that VANNER will find success after “Peak Time”.

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