Symptoms of Argentina Pneumonia, Look Similar to Covid-19

Symptoms of Argentina Pneumonia, Look Similar to Covid-19

Namonia Argentina has also been linked to bacteria Legionella. What are the symptoms of the mysterious Argentine pneumonia?

Since last week, residents Argentina Some residents of the town died as a result of the disease lungs the cause of which is unknown.

As of Saturday (3/9), it has been reported that four residents have died from the disease. Patients before experiencing similar symptoms of other infectious diseases, such as high fever.

When the outbreak was first discovered, doctors had time to test patients with Covid-19 and Hantavirus tests. However, the results were negative.

Concentrate AFP, as a result of additional laboratory tests, the culprit of this disease was later identified. It’s bacteria Legionella which can lead to infection or inflammation of the lungs.

Most patients with legionnaires’ disease – it is a bacterial disease Legionella— is spread by bacteria in the air. Speaking Mayo Clinicthese bacteria can multiply in man-made air systems, such as air conditioners.

Secret Signs of Argentine Pneumonia

In a milder stage, this virus causes Pontiac fever. This fever is mild and goes away on its own.

The early symptoms of Argentina pneumonia are similar to those of Covid-19. In fact, both bacteria and viruses attack the human respiratory system.

comparing coughExample. Cough is one of the symptoms of Argentine pneumonia. (iStock/klebercordeiro)

Symptoms generally appear 2-10 days after exposure and begin to feel mild. Here are some of them.

– headache,
– muscle pain,
– high temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius;
– cough up phlegm or blood,
– shortness of breath,
– chest pain,
– nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,
– confusion.

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Although they primarily attack the lungs, these bacteria can also cause disease in other parts, such as the heart.

In the most severe cases, legionnaires can cause cases of respiratory failure, septic shock, to acute kidney failure. Both are complications of Legionnaires’ disease which can be fatal.

This is an explanation of the symptoms of the mysterious pneumonia of Argentina. Get checked out immediately if you experience the above symptoms.


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