Survival Show ends with top 9 finalists debuting as ZEROBASEONE KpopPopular

Survival Show ends with top 9 finalists debuting as ZEROBASEONE KpopPopular

Boys Planet has now released its highly anticipated finale, focusing on the top 9 finalists who will debut as new K-pop boy band ZEROBASEONE.

Read to catch up on the Boys Planet finale.

‘Boys Planet’ Episode 12: Finale announces the top 9 candidates who will debut as new K-pop boy band ZEROBASEONE

Boys Planet is one of the hottest idol survival shows aired by Mnet, which plans to create the next global group.

It was the male version of “Girls Planet 999” that gave rise to rookie girl group Kep1er. The program took place in many missions to determine which of the candidates will be in the top nine.

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The applicants were first divided into two categories consisting of Group K with trainees in Korea and Group G with foreign trainees around the world. Also notable was the presence of third-generation idol PENTAGON Hui, who took part in the show as a contestant.

The show put all trainees to the test with missions such as Cover Battle, Group Battle, Dual Position Battle, and Artist Battle. The trainees were treated with care thanks to the guidance of Star Masters Hwang Minhyun, Sunmi, Yeo Jin Goo, BTOB Minhyuk, SHINee Key, 2AM Jo Kwon, Jeon Somi and Kim Jae Hwan.

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In the previous Episode 11 of the series, Soloist and Seventh Star Master Jeon Somi announced the ranking of her Artist Battle mission.

The revelation of the name of the first group of

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On April 17, Mnet teased viewers by revealing a partial ranking. This ranking announced that Kim received Tae Rae #11, Park Han Bin #10, and Sung Han Bin #3.

In the latest episode of Boys Planet, the live finale took place at Jamsil Arena in Seoul. It was also released on April 20 at 8:50 p.m. KST. The finale was hosted by Hwang Minhyun, who had the honor of hosting the show’s first and final episodes. Remarkably, he is also the first Star Master to appear.

The finale began with a live performance of the program’s signature song, “Here I Am,” which energized the audience seated. During the last episode, Hwang Minhyun announced that the name of the new boy band would be ZEROBASEONE and could be shortened to just ZB1.


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The final nine members were chosen by fan votes cast from previous castings and during the last live stream. The votes from the live broadcast were counted twice for the final rating.

These are the top nine contestants who will debut as ZEROBASEONE members who will be promoted for two years and six months.

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(Photo: Boys Planet TOP 9 (Twitter))

Members of ZEROBASEONE :

1. Zhang Hao

2. Sung Han Bin

3. Matthew Seok

4. ricky

5. Gun Wook Park

6. Kim TaeRae

7. Kim Gyu Vin

8th. Kim Ji Woong

9. Han Yujin

Congratulations to the nine finalists who are now members of ZEROBASEONE!

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