Survey: Almost every second Frenchman does not feel safe on public transport

Survey: Almost every second Frenchman does not feel safe on public transport

Almost one in two French people (46%) admit they do not feel safe on public transport, a CSA poll for CNEWS released on Friday details.

According to a survey by the CSA Institute for CNEWS, published this Friday, January 13, 46% of French people do not consider public transport a place where they feel safe. A result that reflects the many cases of assault, even sexual assault or theft, that take place there and that the media reflects.

If the result shows that 54% still do not feel unsafe, the survey shows that women react more sensitively than men to traffic problems. In fact, 49% of them don’t feel safe, compared to 42% of men.


It is also interesting that only the 18-24 age group states that the majority is unsafe when using buses, subways, trams or trains (54%).

In terms of political affinities, left-wing sympathizers generally do not feel insecure in traffic (75% state this).


It should be noted that among the supporters of Europe Ecologie-Les Verts, whose use of this means of transport is a political will given the car, the score reaches 80%.

On the right-hand side, on the other hand, 59% of respondents say they do not feel safe in traffic. In the National Rally it’s even 62% and in Reconquest 70%.

The survey also looked more specifically at people living in the Ile-de-France. There the result is clearly divided, since every second inhabitant of the Ile-de-France states that they still feel unsafe in public transport. A situation highlighted by Wednesday’s knife attack at the Gare du Nord.

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Survey using a self-completed questionnaire from January 12 to 13, 2023 in a panel of 1,007 people aged 18 and over using the quota method.