Sung Hanbin’s “Boys Planet” pre-debut photos shock netizens and spark heated debates

Sung Hanbin’s “Boys Planet” pre-debut photos shock netizens and spark heated debates

This start to 2023 started with a bang for Kpop fans with Mnet’s popular survival show Boys Planet.

Many contestants have attracted public attention, including Sung Han Bin, who is currently No. 1.

Sung Hanbin's

Only the young man opened the debate on popular online communities, but not on his talent.

Is Sung Han Bin a “plastic monster” or a “queen”? Or is he “just” number 1 because of his looks or also because of his talents?

Sung Planet of the Hanbin Boys

As her popularity grew, so did public curiosity about her past. Her past photos from her school days are circulating on the Internet.

Sung Hanbin's

His thick eyebrows and unique eye shape are the same, and Sung Hanbin seemed to have lost a lot of weight before becoming an apprentice.

Sung Hanbin's

He looks pretty much the same except for his milky skin.

The photos appear to have been taken during his middle or high school days.

Sung Hanbin's

Since he was active as a dancer, fans around 20 found his old clips on YouTube as well.

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At first, some fans said their physical difference was due to their “weight loss.”

Said: “It’s what happens when you lose enough weight that a little kid comes out of your body”, “I also look like a different person than when I was chubby in college”Etc.

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However, others said it just seemed impossible that he just lost weight, suggesting he also underwent plastic surgery.

This thought sparked a real debate online: “And what if he had plastic surgery?” Isn’t it commendable that someone with as much talent and passion as he has taken his destiny into his own hands and improved his looks, knowing that doing so would open up even more possibilities for him? »

The debate continued and two parties emerged.

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On the one hand, there are netizens who said they were disappointed after seeing his pre-debut photos.

  • “These pre-debut photos killed me. »
  • “Without the plastic surgery, he would never have been able to set foot in the world of idols. »
  • “Uhhhh…it’s like his nose, his chin, his eyes…at least his whole face.” »
  • “Before the operation he looks like my boss. »
  • “Isn’t it a bit too much for a plastic monster to get 1st place? »
  • “The power of plastic surgery… It’s practically reborn!” »
  • “Take the plastic monster from the top 9.”

Sung Hanbin's

On the other hand, many praise his decision to change his appearance to give himself more opportunities.

  • “The plastic surgery was the best decision he ever made. »
  • “He used to be cute. »
  • “All that matters is that he looks good in front of the camera now. »
  • “Taking care of your visuals, including surgical procedures, is a celebrity’s job. He is obviously talented and knows what other roles this industry entails. How much more perfect idol could he be? »
  • “He can sing and dance well. He lost a ton of weight. He now looks like a K-pop model idol. If that isn’t an effort, I don’t know what is. »
  • “It’s that ‘I’ll do whatever it takes’ mentality that I like. »

What counts in the end isn’t the talent itself? What do you think ?