Sulfur Dioxide- Benzoic Acid, Cause of ABC Soya Sauce withdrawal in Singapore

Sulfur Dioxide- Benzoic Acid, Cause of ABC Soya Sauce withdrawal in Singapore

The content of sulfur dioxide and benzoic acid makes ABC fried chicken sauce and ABC soy sauce withdrawn in Singapore.

The Singapore Food Safety Authority (SFA) or Singapore Food Safety Authority said that this product from Indonesia contains allergens.

“Allergens in food can cause allergic reactions in people who take care of their equipment,” the SFA said in a statement.

ABC soy sauce has been withdrawn due to sulfur dioxide content, while ABC fried chicken chili sauce has been withdrawn because it contains benzoic acid but is not disclosed on the packaging. However, these two elements are still within the acceptable safety limits in food products.

What is sulfur dioxide in ABC soy sauce red from Singapore?

Sulfur dioxide or sulfur dioxide is a colorless gas with a pungent odor. As reported by the CDC, exposure to sulfur dioxide can cause irritation to the eyes, nose and throat.

An exposed person may experience a number of symptoms, including a runny nose, wheezing, coughing, and wheezing.

However, sulfur dioxide is widely used in industries including the food industry. In food processing, sulfur dioxide is used for preservation.

In the BPOM regulation number 11 of 2019 about Foodstuffs, sulfur dioxide or sulfur dioxide is included in foodstuff (BTP) in the form of preservation. BTP is to prevent or prevent fermentation, acidification, spoilage, and other food spoilage caused by bacteria.

ABC soy sauce was withdrawn due to the content of sulfur dioxide, which is an allergen. As reported by New Food Magazine, the effects of sulfur dioxide on sensitive people can be different, such as rashes, blood clots, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

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People with asthma are also at risk of reacting to sulfur dioxide. Some types of asthma will experience adverse reactions, such as steroid-dependent asthma and childhood asthma.

Besides sulfur dioxide, benzoic acid is also included in the allergen category by SGA for ABC fried chicken soup has been withdrawn. In a similar process, BPOM includes benzoic acid in the BTP form of preservatives.

The tradition of preserving food with benzoic acid has been around for 100 years. Reporting from Livestrong, benzoic acid works by lowering the pH of the product so that the product is more acidic. The product is free from fungi and bacteria that spoil food.

Although its use is safe as long as it is within the permissible limits, some people are sensitive to benzoic acid. They will experience allergic reactions after eating with benzoic acid such as asthma, itching, swelling and inflammation of the skin when exposed directly.


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