Such a big sun: soon a “promotion” for Manu?

Such a big sun: soon a “promotion” for Manu?

During a visit to the set of Un si grand soleil, we spoke to Moïse Santamaria, who plays Manu on the series, about the development of his character.

Normally prominent in the series due to his role as a police officer, Manu has found himself at the center of many intrigues over the past few weeks, whether it’s the arc surrounding the X film producer or exposing the lies about Eve and their breakup. Driving around Vandargues on the set of the series, we took the opportunity to chat with his interpreter Moses Santamaria about his character development. And he told us in particular that Manu is fine despite being promoted.

Were the last few weeks rich for Manu?

Especially the storyline with Tresson was very interesting for my character. Then we moved on to the Ark of the Covenant on the agency of tempters, and the two intrigues were mixed with a backdrop of treachery and lies. Manu will have to work on him to forgive certain things and at the same time he gave up himself shortly before. So he’s someone who’s on edge if we take him right now. In those moments he becomes very human: he can be borderline even as he learns to be less and less, but we know he will never be anyone too gentle. His idea of ​​justice takes precedence over “administrative” justice: if he’s dealing with a really bad person, as she says, he might want to do it.

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What could happen to Manu in the face of a criminal like “Le Fleuriste”?

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Manu is constantly questioned about everything, about who he is, especially after the story with Eva?

What is even more interesting is that I get a lot of messages on social networks from people watching the series: people did not understand his attitude towards Eve, they find him very hard on her. But the question isn’t whether he’s nice or bad, the psychology of beings is more complex than that. You have to understand things and people: this borderline guy who wanted to save young girls can’t bear to be betrayed at the same time, because he has important values. In short, it’s hard to understand how people who appear solid can also be fragile. And this fragility, when he goes to the psychiatrist, we see it, we see a Manu that we have not often seen. I really enjoyed playing that. And it’s also during his dates that he professes his love for Eva. Without spoilers, we can say that it goes without a hitch.

“You didn’t like being a commissioner?
-Not at the moment !”

As we walked onto the set, did you shoot a scene that marked Becker’s return to his post?

Man will Acting Commissioner instead of Becker because an eviction order has been issued in an apartment and a serious accident resulting in death occurred during this eviction. It is not clear who is really responsible for this death, but since the operations are under Becker’s responsibility, he will assume it. He is deposed, has to stay at home and delegates the responsibility of the police station to me. We will then discover a clumsy Manu with his colleagues because he has to give orders. If we feel that Becker is the guy who went through corporal school and could become a prefect, Manu is more of a man from the ground up.