Such a big sun (again) deprogrammed: the chain adjustment variable

Such a big sun (again) deprogrammed: the chain adjustment variable

France 2 has just announced that, due to current events, it will nevertheless remove its series Un si grand soleil from the program list. A reflex that is really exhausting for the fans.

such a big sun a victim of the news once again. Following the release of the hostages Benjamin Brière and Bernard Phelan held in Iran, France 2 will broadcast the special envoy’s report dedicated to them, which it was unable to broadcast last night. Suddenly no episode of the series this evening, the chain chains through this report shortly after the newspaper. If the burning news can justify it, the practice becomes a repeat. Even very repetitive. At the slightest bit of news, the France 2 series is deprogrammed. Despite several evenings to catch up on the episodes, the gap remains. What good are the other channels in the group if only France 2 breaks its antenna to report the news? And why not just broadcast the documentary after the series at 9 p.m.?

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To believe that nobody in the channel’s program has understood that a daily soap needs a stable framework, fixed schedules and not a chaotic show, as has been the case for several months. With the habit of saying: “Oh, that’s no big deal, we’ll catch up on that later” France 2 is about to completely break the very principle of the meeting and thus the loyalty pact made with the viewer. to the program that is offered every evening at the agreed time. That’s the way to wreck a daily soap opera and thereby ruin it. By way of comparison, when certain stations in the United States had to stop broadcasting soap operas due to a health crisis, this had only happened once in the past, at the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks. C says that in a country that has made the genre sacred, the principle of dating is sacred when it comes to soap opera.

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