Subunit Drugs NCTzens With Perfume In Dashing Music Video – KpopNews

Subunit Drugs NCTzens With Perfume In Dashing Music Video – KpopNews

NCT DOJAEJUNG have finally entered the music scene with their highly anticipated debut song “Perfume” and released a stunning music video for NCTzens.

Here are more details.

NCT DOJAEJUNG enchants viewers with fragrance in “Parfum” MV

On April 17th at 6pm KST, NCT DOJAEJUNG officially released the music video for the title track “Perfume” along with the album of the same name.

(Photo: Twitter: @NCTsmtown)

NCT DOJAEJUNG 'Perfume' Debut Details Revealed: Schedule, Teaser, Tracklist!

(Photo: Twitter: @NCTsmtown)

NCT DOJAEJUNG consists of three members namely Doyoung, Jaehyun and Jungwoo. The trio is the fifth sub-unit after NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream and WayV. In the music video, three idols immediately captured NCTzens with their perfect harmonization and singing.

They also wowed fans with their sophisticated choreography, with the gesture of spraying perfume as a choreographic point. “Perfume” exudes a nice groove due to its R&B genre and electro-funk elements. His lyrics also tell how people leave their scent to those they care about.

Watch the music video for “Perfume” here!


On March 9th, the announcement for the debut of NCT DOJAEJUNG was released. Sports Today, a Korean news outlet, announced that a three-man squad will include three NCT members. It was also stated that this new sub-unit will debut in the first half of 2023.

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SM Entertainment later responded to the reports by confirming the group’s debut and start date. specified, “The release date of NCT DOJAEJUNG’s debut album is set for April 17th. Please look forward to them.”

NCT DOJAEJUNG 'Perfume' MV: Sub-Unit Stuns NCTzens With Perfume In Dashing Music Video

(Photo: Twitter: @NCTsmtown)

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At midnight KST on March 27, a teaser poster for NCT DOJAEJUNG’s debut was uploaded to their official SNS. The title of the next album turned out to be “Perfume”. The group also released a track listing, a calendar that included all of the album’s content.

“Perfume” also includes B-side tracks “Kiss”, “Dive”, “Strawberry Sunday”, “Can We Go Back” and “Ordinary”. With these high quality songs, NCT DOJAEJUNG has indeed become one of the best rookie groups of 2023 and the NCTzens are loving every second of it!

NCTzens Respond to ‘Perfume’ MV: ‘They Sing Very Well’

Fans flocked to the clip’s comments section, expressing their support for the trio. They also praised her impressive vocals, which became the highlight of the release. The fans even congratulated them on their debut. Some also praised their hard work.

They commented:

“I really like this song. Did they debut yesterday? They are beautiful young people, I hope they are doing very well. They sing really well.”

“Cool, pretty and sexy. Thank you for the diligent preparation. We will work hard to support you! DoJaeJung fights!

“DoJaeJung’s blessings know no end. We will also clap loudly. I like DoJaeJung, the fight!”

“DoJaeJung, congratulations on your debut, let’s go for 1st place!”

“I hope that during the period of hard preparation and activity, you will be filled with happy memories!”

Did you enjoy listening to “Perfume”? Are you excited about NCT DOJAEJUNG’s future activities?

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