Study Reveals Some Simple Ways to Put Sleeping Babies to Sleep

Study Reveals Some Simple Ways to Put Sleeping Babies to Sleep

Another big challenge for parents is now who has trouble sleeping at night and does not stop crying.

Babies are usually successfully put to sleep when they are in the mother’s arms. But that time did not last long, he started crying again without the parents knowing why.

A study by Dr. Jennifer Shu explained that responding to certain movements can calm babies who need time to rest.

According to a pediatrician from Atlanta, the baby will respond to the sling of the mother carrying the baby for some time.

The study was published in the journal Current Biology, Tuesday (13/9), and presented data that 46 percent of babies will stop crying and fall asleep when they respond to the mother’s sling.

In addition, this study also found that about 18 percent of the babies also fell asleep within minutes afterwards.

“Carrying and rocking the baby to sleep will create a habit so the baby will learn to hope,” said Dr. Shu at the American Academy of Pediatrics as reported by CNN, Tuesday (13/9).

“When babies wake up in the middle of the night and are still in a light sleep state, they may need to get back into the routine.”

In addition, the study of Dr. Shu also advises parents to now Children four months and above should put their children to sleep when they are completely asleep, instead of waiting until they are completely asleep.

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For babies over three months old, Shu advises parents not to rush to calm the baby when he wakes up. According to his research, babies need time to sukumutsutsu, to fuss, to get tired, and to go back to sleep, just like adults.

Most importantly, the AAP also urges parents to follow safe sleep rules, namely: keep baby sleeping day and night, in a bed with no distractions, pillows, soft toys, and blankets.

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