Study Finds Blood Type Highest Risk of Stroke in Young People

Study Finds Blood Type Highest Risk of Stroke in Young People

Blood type some people are in danger of facing pulse during childhood. This was found in a recent study published on Wednesday (31/8).

Meta-analysis published in the journal Neurology This study found that blood type A has a higher risk of stroke in childhood.

“In particular, we found that blood type A is at risk of early stroke. They are more likely to have a blood clot,” said study author Braxton D Mitchell of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA, citing the site. American Academy of Neurology.

This meta-analysis included 48 studies linking genetic factors to ischemic stroke in North America, Europe, and Asia. The study involved 16,927 people with stroke and 576,353 people without stroke.

Of the group of people who had a stroke, about 5,825 of them had an early stroke. A first stroke is defined as an ischemic stroke that occurs before the age of 60.

The researchers then looked at all the chromosomes to find genetic variants associated with stroke. They found a link between early stroke and a chromosomal region that includes genes associated with blood types A, AB, B, and O.

After adjusting for gender and other factors, the researchers found that those with blood type A had a 16 percent higher risk of stroke than those with other blood types.

While those with blood type O have a 12 percent risk of stroke compared to other blood types.

However, this meta-analysis still has limitations. One of them is the low number of participants’ differences. Only 35 percent of them are non-European.

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