Stray Kids fans praise Bang Chan for responding to a fan’s “instruction” not to speak Korean

Stray Kids fans praise Bang Chan for responding to a fan’s “instruction” not to speak Korean

Bang Chan, member and leader of Stray Kids, is consistently praised for his way of handling different situations and caring for the group members.

Stray Kids fans praise Bang Chan for his reaction to being "ordered" by a fan who doesn't speak Korean

Bang Chan is also known for frequently doing live shows called “Chan’s Room” where he shares good times with fans.

During her recent live stream, the idol acted adorable as always.

He spoke about the Lollapalooza festival in Paris and said he was particularly looking forward to going there:

“Lollapalooza yeahhh we’re going to Lollapalooza I think it’s going to be awesome. We saw our name in the headlines and it was really great… It’s so fascinating to think that we’re putting on such a big event. »

All was going well until some comments caught Bang Chan’s attention.

A comment asked him: “Speak English, please”. Bang Chan wasn’t defensive, but he did politely point out that although he spoke English at the time, he really could speak any language he wanted.

It just didn’t stop there, as another comment put it: “Stop speaking in Korean”.

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Bang Chan then gave the best answer: “Wow, you don’t have to look at me if you don’t want to, it’s your choice. »

Bang Chan’s even-tempered response caught the attention of fans, who praised his attitude and response.

Bang Chan has repeatedly proven that he is not only an icon in terms of talent but also personality!