Staying Stylish, Princess Candrawati Carrying a Custom Bag During Reconstruction

Staying Stylish, Princess Candrawati Carrying a Custom Bag During Reconstruction

Princess Candrawathi check separately when rebuilding Kill Brigadier J, Tuesday (30/8). Unlike the husband, the Inspector General Ferdy Sambo who was in prison clothes, Putri was seen wearing only white clothes.

At this time, Putri was wearing a white dress, complete with colorful pants. If not forgotten, his hand seems to be carrying a bag from the luxury label Gucci.

The brown bag was seen when Putri stood next to Ferdy, in one of the reconstructions.

The bag in question is similar to the GG Supreme Small Bag Boston.

Concentrate VogueThis bag is one of the classic series from Gucci which was released in 1974.

This bag is made of canvas and leather, with a handle on the top.

It’s not just brown, it’s a bag former It also comes in other colors such as black, white, navy blue, etc. Its large shape makes many people like it, because it is seen that it can be used to store many things.

Not only Gucci, many other brands also offer their series of Boston bags. Including Louis Vuitton.

Over time, the Boston Bag offered by Gucci has come with more variations. Some even present detailed images on the bag.

Even now, this bag is still loved by many people. Some online shopping sites still sell them.

On the page Luxury goodsFor example, this bag used by Putri Candrawati was sold for £832.92 or about Rp. 14.4 million.

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While on the site Gucciitself, the Botog bag is sold a little differently at the price of USD 863.89 or about Rp. 12.8 million.


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