STAYC’s Queendom Rumor Causes Confusion And Disapproval From Fans

STAYC’s Queendom Rumor Causes Confusion And Disapproval From Fans

Popular K-pop girl group STAYC has been rumored to appear in the upcoming show Queendom, which is set to be unveiled in May. This rumor has caused a wave of confusion and disapproval among fans, who argue that the group should instead focus on their current group actions.

Fans express their concerns

Many fans have taken to social media to express their concerns about STAYC potentially joining Queendom. One fan said he was freaked out by the news, while another questioned the validity of the rumours, pointing out the group is doing well with their current promotions.

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Others have dismissed the rumors as nonsense, arguing that the group’s achievements render their participation in Queendom pointless.

Current success of STAYC

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STAYC Queendom rumor causes confusion and disapproval from fans

STAY has found great success with their recent album releases, focusing on team promotions and cementing their place in the struggling K-pop industry. Fans say the group’s impressive accomplishments make their supposed appearance on Queendom a mystery. As one fan put it, “StayC has already taken his place, why would they even want to leave?”

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Possible appearance in the special

While many fans are opposed to the idea of ​​STAYC participating in Queendom, some have suggested that the group could perform for a special stage performance. They feel STAYC is unlikely to enter the competition given their current success, but a stage could be a possibility. One fan commented, “If StayC is really going there it’s probably for a special. But that doesn’t make sense yet.”

Queendom format and previous winners

Queendom, a South Korean reality TV show that first aired on Mnet in 2019. The show features six numbers from hottest girl groups going head-to-head in a comeback battle to determine the true Number A. The winning act will receive a comeback special that will air on Mnet and M2. The winner of the first season was Mamamoo, who hosted their comeback show in 2020 with their tenth mini-album “Travel”. The second season, titled Queendom 2, premiered in 2022 and WJSN won first place. Her comeback show is set to take place on July 5, 2022, coinciding with her debut special single “Sequence”.

STAYC’s road to success

The six-piece group under High Up Entertainment debuted on November 12, 2020. STAYC’s first single was “Star To A Young Culture,” an acronym standing for the group’s name. The meaning of STAYC actually stems from the group’s ambition to make an impact on youth.

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Since their debut, STAYC have achieved significant milestones, including their first music show win with the song “Stereotype” on SBS’s The Show in 2021. They’ve also made a name for themselves in the international market, making their debut in Japan with their first single given. “Poppy” in 2021. In 2023, STAYC continued to release hit singles like “Teddy Bear” and its Japanese version.

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With STAYC’s continued success and established place in the K-pop industry, their alleged involvement with Queendom has left fans confused and divided. While the K-pop community awaits an official announcement, discussions about the group’s possible involvement in the competitive show are likely to continue.

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