Starting with love because it is useful, how effective powder sunscreen?

Starting with love because it is useful, how effective powder sunscreen?

Most people use them sunscreen or sunscreen in the form of a lotus or spray. However, now sunscreen in the form of powder is also coming out.

Sunscreen in the form of powder has become popular because it is considered more useful and will not damage the makeup.

With the rising trend sunscreen powder, many questions have been raised about its effectiveness. is sunscreen powder effect?

Sunscreen powder is a good alternative to regular loose powder. Generally, this type of sunscreen is worn with a brush or puff built which will allow you to open the lid and apply it on your face to your neck and chest.

Concentrate Very Healthy, a dermatologist Gary Goldenberg from New York, USA, said powder is not new. This product has graced the cosmetic industry for many years.

He said, this type of sunscreen often uses ‘body barriers’ such as zinc oxide which block the sun’s rays. Dermatologists generally support the use of sunscreen powder.

Sunscreen powder It’s great, especially because it’s an easy way to reapply the sun without ruining your makeup,” said Ife J. Rodney, founder of the beauty clinic.

Sunscreen powder it is best to use it as a re-application after applying lotion or sun cream on the face before applying makeup. It is recommended not to do it sunscreen powder as the main or base layer of sun protection.

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“My formula sunscreen powder It’s a staple and shouldn’t replace using your makeup as a base coat in the morning,” Rodney continued.

The use of sunscreen powder

Photo of SunlightExample. Sunscreen powder began to become popular with the public. (iStockphoto)

Concentrate Byrdiehere are some benefits sunscreen powder.

– will not interfere with makeup,
– suitable for sensitive skin,
– portable,
– some may provide blue protection.

Mistakes when using sunscreen powder

Please note, there are some mistakes that must be avoided when using sunscreen in powder form. Here are some of them.

– use sunscreen powder like the first sunscreen,
– rub it wrong,
– does not recognize full SPF.


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