Special Dress and Beauty of the First Lady of the Philippines when Visiting Bogor

Special Dress and Beauty of the First Lady of the Philippines when Visiting Bogor


President of the country Joko Widodo and Iriana Jokowi welcomes the arrival of the President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos Jr. with his wife Louise Araneta-Marcos, a Bogor presidential palaceWest Java, Monday (05/09).

During the visit, Araneta Marcos looked beautiful in the traditional clothes of the Philippines, known as terno or Maria Clara.

The dresses worn by Araneta Marcos are known to have a beautiful shape with two sides of shoulders, above the shoulders of the wearer.

This large shoulder bulge looks like the wings of a butterfly. Traditional Filipino clothing that is worn only on special occasions is also strongly influenced by Spanish clothing.

Understandably, Spain is one of the countries that colonized the Philippines for a long time.

Araneta Marcos herself today wore a Maria Clara outfit with white ivory. The dress was also decorated with flowers and leaves in a slightly darker color in the dress, adding a touch of elegance whenever Areneta walks with Marcos Jr.

Areneta’s shoulder-length hair is flowing, which makes the clothes she wears more visible. This look makes it look elegant and luxurious at the same time.

To note, the Maria Clara dress is one of the many traditional dresses from the Philippines. These clothes are also known as Filipino clothes or Terno.

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.  center left, and his wife Madame Louise Araneta Marcos, left, give light to Indonesian President Joko Widodo, center right, and his wife Iriana during their meeting at the presidential palace in Bogor, Indonesia, Monday, September , 5, 2022. (AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim, Pool)President Jokowi and Iriana Jokowi met with Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr and his wife Araneta-Marcos. (AP/Ahmad Ibrahim)

It is known for the traditional dress of Maria Clara as it is said that this dress was also inspired by the heroine of the book. Do not touch me or Question No The national hero of the Philippines was written in 1887 by Jose Rizal.

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Apart from Arenete, during the visit Marcos Jr. was also seen. wearing the traditional clothing of the Philippines, namely Barong Tagalog. At first glance, the clothes look like cocoa clothes in Indonesia.

It is said that this traditional dress is used only on important and special occasions. Usually men will combine it with black pants.


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