SPA: more than 44,000 animals cared for in 2022

SPA: more than 44,000 animals cared for in 2022

The Humane Society (SPA) took in 44,199 abandoned animals in 2022, including 27,940 cats, it said in a statement.

A very sad result. In a statement, the Humane Society (SPA) said it cared for no fewer than 44,199 abandoned animals in 2022, including rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils.

41,186 animals found a new owner through adoption, including 26,024 cats and 12,646 dogs. A number close to the 2019 record.

The SPA regretted the increase in NAC workloads, a 34% increase in three years. “These ‘favorite’ animals are the embodiment of the fight against the animal object,” estimated the SPA, which is “fighting to have the Animal Abuse Act, which will ban the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores from 2024, be renewed.” .

Animal cruelty on the rise

The year 2022 was also marked by a significant increase in cases of animal cruelty. In fact, the SPA processed 23,800 reports last year, an increase of 52%. To combat this surge, the association has recruited more than 250 delegated investigators to strengthen its territorial network, saving 4,400 abused animals. However, she regretted the verdicts “too weak in relation to the crimes committed”. Despite the tightening of sanctions, only suspended sentences were imposed in 2022.

The SPA has also conducted awareness-raising sessions on animal welfare with the National Police and Gendarmerie. A total of 3,000 agents were trained on the cause.

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