Song Joong Ki Opens Up About Wife Katy Louise Saunders and Rumors About Her Soompi

Song Joong Ki Opens Up About Wife Katy Louise Saunders and Rumors About Her Soompi

Song Joong Ki recently spoke about his wife.

The actor recently revealed that he is dating a young British woman who is not currently a celebrity.

Then, in late January, Song Joong Ki announced that he had just married Katy Louise Saunders and that they were expecting a child. Afterwards, the actor’s agency announced that the wedding would be organized later.

The actor recently posed for the cover of the new issue of GQ Korea and took the opportunity to speak at length about his relationship with his wife.

“If I had to explain what kind of person Katy is, I could tell you many stories about what a good person she is.”he began.

Then he continued: “But since today’s interview is limited in time and space, I can’t tell you everything. Simply put, he is a person who gives me confidence in many aspects. For example there are thoughts and philosophies that I have and she is a woman who convinces me again that they are right. This is a person who often says to me, “Yes, it looks like you”. »

Song Joong Ki also addressed the rumors that Katy Louise Saunders is a single mother, stating: “Initially I was fine. It was everyday for us and although many knew about it, our love didn’t change. But then, as the nonsense stories kept growing, I honestly got angry. Except for the name of the university she attended (Milan Bocconi University), none of the rumors were true. »

“As my anger grew, Katy said to me, ‘You don’t have to be mad at these people.’ I can’t say much about it here, but she’s such a person, it takes me in a positive direction and balances me.”added the actor.

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Reflecting on the day he announced their marriage, Song Joong Ki also said: “That day, I taped our wedding and went straight to a script reading and gosa (a traditional Korean ritual to pray for good luck at the start of a big event) for the film My Name Is Loh Kiwan.” Katy and I had a late dinner together after work. This day was really eventful. »

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