Someone’s Personality Influences Favorite Color, Find Your Own Color

Someone’s Personality Influences Favorite Color, Find Your Own Color

Try opening the container a dress shirt Hey, what color clothes are in the closet more?

The average can be black clothes in the closet. However, because of the terms of the cake girl, the world girl, and the member girl, many women may want to redo their clothes with different colors.

But one important thing, whatever color you choose, should match your personality. Oya Miranti, the first color photography consultant in Indonesia, said that everyone has their own color style.

A person’s color itself can be interpreted as a color that is particularly seen as the most suitable and can increase a person’s charm and confidence.

So, what is the importance of personal color in everyday fashion?

Oya said that a person’s color is very influential and reflects his identity. He said that people will be more confident after finding out the correct color of a person.

“A good color is a reflection of a person, it is very important to find a good color to increase self-confidence and make the brand more prominent,” said Oya in a Shopee talk show, Tuesday (30/) 8).

Understanding one’s color has many benefits, including making you look younger, giving you a beautiful aura, and making you more passionate about your work.

And how to get a person’s color:

Beautiful girl with red lipstick and short hair wearing a black shirt, standing against a concrete wall.Photo: iStockphoto/deniskomarov
description of clothing

1. Find your character

To find the right color for yourself, you must know the image of yourself that you want to present to others.

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By discovering your personality, others will feel and catch the charm that you give off.

He said, it is important to determine what kind of message will be delivered from each person’s behavior to find the right color.

According to Oya, if you want to be known as a calm or gentle person, you can use “cool” colors like blue or green.

When you want to look “dark”, you can use dark colors.

Therefore, it is important to know yourself to push yourself to be the best version of each.

2. Find your skin tone

It is important to understand the skin tone as a basis for finding the right color.

Skin tones are small tones that lie beneath the surface of the skin. It should be noted that the lower voice is different from the skin color. Skin tone or skin color is the color that appears on the surface of the skin.

This soft color is divided into two parts, warm and cool. People in these warm colors have skin tones that are influenced by the colors pink, red, and blue. Cool tones, usually for people classified as fair-skinned with yellow, peach, or golden hues.

“Knowing the color of your skin is very important so that you can look good by using colors that match your skin, you will look younger,” said Oya.

3. Determine the right color of clothes

Use the color fan to help you find the right color for your clothes.

The trick is, you can bring a color lover to our skin to see if the color matches or is different and gives negative results.

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Don’t forget to look in the mirror when looking at available colors. In addition to color fans, you can also use fabrics of different colors.

Finally, you will know the right color of clothes to make it more suitable.


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