So The Best Street In The World, This Is The Attraction Of Rue Wellington In Canada

So The Best Street In The World, This Is The Attraction Of Rue Wellington In Canada

One of the attractions tourism If you visit another country, it is the city streets. If the streets of the city are clean, tidy, and unique, it will directly make the tourists enjoy the tourism.

The city’s street infrastructure is also expected to influence pedestrians. Recently, the British media, Time is uphas released a list of the 33 coolest roads in the world.

In the series, Rue Wellington in Montreal, You have crown as the coolest street in the world version Time is up. Rue Wellington was chosen as the most beautiful street for a reason.

Editor Time is up Canada’s Laura Osborne says Rue Wellington has a great beer bar. The lunch spot on Rue Wellington also serves delicious food.

Some of the sandwiches sold on the street are considered the best in Montreal. You can also meet people grilling oysters for US$1 on the terrace bar.

Not to mention that on Rue Wellington there is also a beautiful man-made beach. Time is up Rue Wellington says it’s a fun and unique place to enjoy an ice cream while walking down the street with friends or family.

Places on the street cater to pedestrians. Laura said, it is seen that the street can determine the culture of the city, and it can be seen from Rue Wellington a. You have.

“We know that this main street, known as the Wellington Promenade, has transformed itself in both original and modern ways over the years, and it is exciting to see how the Verdun area continues to shine,” he said. Tourism Montreal President and CEO, Yves. Lalumière, as reported CNN.

Below is a list of the 33 best roads in the world

1. Rue Wellington, Montreal
2. Gertrude Street, Melbourne
3. Great Western Road, Glasgow
4. Yongkang Road, Taipei
5. Værnedamsvej, Copenhagen
6. Karanghape Road, Auckland
7. Tai Ping Shan Road, Hong Kong
8. Yaowarat Road, Bangkok
9. Oranienstrasse, Berlin
10. Hayes Street, San Francisco
11. Amsterdam Avenue, Mexico City
12. Kolokotroni, Athena
13. Virgil Avenue, Los Angeles
14. Ossington Avenue, Toronto
15. Via Provenza, Medellin
16. Eighth Street, Miami
17. Deptford High Street, London
18. Praça das Flores, Lisbon
19. Oxford Street, Accra
20. Wentworth Avenue, Chicago
21. The Cutting Room, Manchester
22. Capel Street, Dublin
23. Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai
24. Enmore Road, Sydney
25. Kagurazaka, Tokyo
26. Kloof Street, Cape Town
27. Suleyman Seba Street, Istanbul
28. Echegaray Street, Madrid
29. MacDougal Street, New York
30. Carrer del Comte Borrell, Barcelona
31. Newbury Street, Boston
32. Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
33. Everton Road, Singapore

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