SNSD Taeyeon laughs after posting ‘resignation letter’

SNSD Taeyeon laughs after posting ‘resignation letter’

“Is that a premonition? Generation of Girls Taeyeon caused a frenzy and laughter from Netter and K-Pop fans when she released her “Resignation Letter”. Why is?

Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation is a mood!

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Amidst the hot topic of Song Hye Kyo and Lim Ji Yeon’s hit revenge drama The Glory, SNSD portrayed and described Taeyeon as all K-drama fans were so engrossed in it that she even parodied one of the emblematic scenes of Season 2!

On March 13, Taeyeon caught the eye after posting a new photo on her Instagram story. Notably, she got her fans jumping for the first time, especially SONE’s heartbeats, when she uploaded a photo that read “Letter of Resignation.”

In the photo, she crossed out the name Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) and replaced it with her name Kim Taeyeon, which referred to an iconic scene from the popular Netflix series The Glory.

Once the star’s IG story spreads on SNS, netizens and other K-pop fans can’t help but find Taeyeon genuinely funny and relatable!

In a deeper context, Taeyeon captured the scene where Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) was exposed about her violence at school while working at the radio station.

After being questioned about it, Ji Yeon confidently took out pen and paper, submitted an informal resignation letter and coolly told the company director:

“Why is my life so difficult? I was a bully, but I never killed anyone.”

Fans then hilariously agreed with Taeyeon that while maintaining their composure and confidence, they at least wanted to write a resignation letter like this and submit it.

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What made it even funnier was that fans teased Taeyeon when she anticipated her next plan under SM Entertainment, which is currently in the midst of a takeover battle between HYBE and Kakao.

SNSD Taeyeon Long Straight Hair + Pointy Shoes...'Heartbeat' Visual

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Netizens who saw the photo of Taeyeon’s “resignation letter” left comments on Twitter and online communities saying:

  • “I think she really got immersed[in the drama].”
  • “Funny how she crossed the line and wrote her name.”
  • “She also looks like Park Yeon Jin.”
  • “I can’t imagine him going to SM every day.”
  • “It’s funny, but please don’t write something like that.”
  • “That’s not a premonition, is it?”

SNSD Taeyeon Upcoming Album, Concerts

Amid fears that Taeyeon will indirectly hint at his departure from SM Entertainment, Taeyeon will continue his solo direction in Q2 2023.

SNSD Taeyeon was acclaimed for his incredible singing at the MIK Festival de Paris:

(Photo: Theqoo)
SNSD Taeyeon

In April, Taeyeon will once again show the K-pop scene what a comeback is with his plan to release a fifth mini-album. In the same month the soloist will also attend a concert in the Philippines with aespa.

In addition, according to SM Entertainment’s “SM 3.0” plan announced in February, Taeyeon will hold a concert following the group “Red Velvet” in the second quarter.

Taeyeon, small and lean body with 11 abs... diet inspiration

(Photo: Taeyeon’s Instagram)

Taeyeon’s last concert in Korea was The UNSEEN, held in 2020. If SM Entertainment stages Taeyeon’s concert as planned in the second quarter of 2023, it will be his first concert in Korea in three years.

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Written by Eunice Dawson.