Snapcart Research Reveals Insights into Consumer Behavior and Online Shopping Preferences

Snapcart Research Reveals Insights into Consumer Behavior and Online Shopping Preferences

The aspect of shopping behavior does not leave only differences in preferences, preferences for lifestyle. Another factor tied into this is what each e-commerce player has to offer. The data shows the reasons why people shop online at selected e-commerce sites, including free shipping promotions (79%), various promotional offers (67%), access to comprehensive payment features ( 63%), other features. This is easy to use (61%) and full of different types and types of products (58%).

This also affects people’s online shopping behavior, especially on the level of confidence in making decisions when shopping. In Indonesia itself, there are three types of consumer behavior that are observed and dominate the top three; including 51% of the category of discount seekers or discount shoppers who shop through various promotions; 25% answered as demand-based customers and 24% chose roaming customers.

Discount Seekers

This type of consumer discount seekers are people who want to find and take advantage of sales when shopping online. Through this study, this type of consumer behavior occupies the first position. Sales and discounts are still the biggest magnet for consumers in Indonesia when shopping online. Consumers usually hunt for sales such as Discounts, Low Price, Cashback, Flash Sale and various other sales in every campaign.

Welcome to the 4th quarter, which is also the continuation of the end-of-the-year shopping festival, a space for these e-commerce players to present a special program that includes marketing that types of applicants Discounts can be used, especially for the shopping festival on 9.9. Interestingly, there are 3 factors that attract consumers when planning to shop online during the end of the year celebration, including Cheap Shipping Prices (70%), Offers Good Sales (66% ), and Affordable Prices (60%).

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“The year-end celebration was opened with the participation of the twin number 9.9 rally. The presence of different programs has been accepted by consumers, where they began to prepare themselves especially for shopping on the day of the peak of the campaign. Programs presented include Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day, Lazada 9.9 Trendy Brands Sale and Tokopedia KEBUT campaign. Based on the types of ads offered during the current year-end campaign, 78% chose Shopee as the e-commerce platform to use, followed by Tokopedia (19%) and Lazada (2 %) followed.

Demand-based customers

In the Need Based Customer behavior type, individuals make purchases based on their needs. Where to look for is a complete selection of products and types that can meet the needs of everyday and more needs. Factors that influence purchasing decisions for this segment are usually related to ease of product availability, recommendations, and product reviews, as well as a variety of product types with a full range of products. A selection of partner brands and sellers who are members. of the forum.

Categories and a full selection of products is one of the main indicators or steps for a person with this attitude to choose a platform for online shopping. The distribution of the respondents in choosing their favorite e-commerce business for product categories in the last 3 months can be seen in the following data:

Wandering customers

With the advancement of technology along with changes in lifestyle, e-commerce players in Indonesia continue to innovate to create new things as a standard. This feature provides entertainment that encourages consumer engagement, allowing them to return to shopping on the platform. “We have seen that the trend that makes people happy to shop online is the choice of products available. The Wandering Customer Type, that is, those who like to browse, is one of the main visitors of e-commerce sites. they don’t always go shopping. However, their presence will determine the popularity of the e-commerce site, says Astrid Wiliandry. One of the magnetic factors to attract the Wandering consumer behavior types is the presence of interesting entertainment that encourages they should work, like games and video titles.” Astrid said.

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As the full range of products and categories, many fun and interesting activities make users more active and active. According to the research conducted, the reasons that users use entertainment and entertainment are interested in the gifts offered (58%), popular users (33%), easy access to features (29%), and opportunities interact with them. other users (19%).

According to the survey, users’ favorite products are Shopee Tanam (51%), Tokopedia Panen Eggs (13%) and Lazada Coin Tree (2%). Meanwhile, for favorite entertainment, consumers chose Shopee LIVE (50%), Shopee Video (28%), followed by Tokopedia Play (16%), Lazada Feed (1%), and LazLive (1% ).

Based on information from Snapcart’s research, it can be seen that e-commerce players are increasingly competing in introducing new products and programs that can respond to all needs according to the preferences of each consumer. It can be concluded that Shopee still excels in maintaining its position as the e-commerce of choice. This SnapCart report is further strengthened by data from SimilarWeb, the data revealed that Shopee had an average of 175.66 million website visitors per month in the last 3 months (June – August 2022), followed by Tokopedia with website visitors 147.93 million websites at the same time. . single.

“Seeing the preferences of each character answered through the new products and programs presented, it shows that Shopee continues to strive to meet the needs and take care of every aspect that provides the best experience while conducting online shopping activities. Of course, the battle is not over yet, the year-end online shopping festival has begun. It will be very interesting to see how it will continue until the end of 2022. ” close Astrid.

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