Smallville: 5 reasons to rediscover the complete series

Smallville: 5 reasons to rediscover the complete series

The flagship series of a generation, Smallville has returned in a hugely successful BR edition sure to delight fans. The perfect opportunity to rediscover it!

What is Smallville? Before defending Earth and Metropolis as Superman (and serving as a journalist with the Daily Planet), Clark Kent is a young man like the rest, spending his youth in Smallville while in love with Lana. But the gradual discovery of his powers and his budding rivalry with his friend Lex Luthor will see him (slowly) closer to an inevitable fate.

A (long) prequel to the Superman story

If we had a series in the 90s superboy to introduce Clark’s adventures Kleinvillethe 2000s helped dust off the genre!

The arrival on the screens of series like Roswell or Buffy stories installed on screens that use the genre as an allegory for the torments of youth. What to do if you are different Kleinville tells the two aspects: how a young man exists despite power and “grows”? And then how we create the complex and lengthy mythology of a character that everyone thinks they know. It all starts with the meteor shower that brought Superman to earth and how the hero gradually gains his powers while building the heroes he will later encounter in Metropolis. With this challenge this is how in Gotham, we know he shouldn’t defeat them completely as he will have to face them once he becomes Superman. Except that the show’s success made it last when teams couldn’t use the superhero image. As a result, the concept was stretched over 10 years, although it would have benefited from a cut.

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A face to face anthology

The show’s bright idea is that it made Lex Luthor a teenage friend of Clark’s. And even very close friends, whose friendship is shattered by both the hero’s many necessary secrets and Luthor’s growing paranoia coupled with an apparent thirst for power. Their rivalry will continue to grow throughout the 7 seasons in which the character Luthor appears, with heroic confrontations but also a love triangle. All the codes of the teen drama are transferred to the series and combined with those of the comic series. But even then, television was still producing almost very long seasons on the networks, and that rivalry would water down over time. And as with Dawson (with whom she shares some similarities), Kleinville will see his hero “passed” by his much more interesting and complex “best friend”).

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A simple but effective formula

If the series aired today, it would certainly have a different formula: shorter seasons and a narrower story about mythology. But at this time, television is longer, and in order for the program to last longer, we use the initiated method especially X files : Most episodes are isolated episodes featuring “the villain of the week” that Clark faces. And pivotal episodes serve to advance the mythology (like the beginning and ending episodes). As a result, this red thread can actually move “slower”. But that makes the series a bit repetitive and mostly redundant, with most of the episodes across the seasons still being unoriginal.

The appearance of iconic comic book characters

The advantage of long series is that they have the space and time to play with the mythology. In addition to the presence of “Superman” himself with Christopher Reeves, we are happy to see Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Doomsday, Supergirl, Green Arrow, Superboy, Aquaman or even Darkseid and General Zod in the series!

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A DVD/BR edition that allows to rehabilitate an often criticized series

Like all series that last too long Kleinville sometimes seemed a bit like a caricature of himself. But this edition really pays homage to him with a very nice packaging with natural blue and red colors. The uniformity of the boxes and the identity specific to the season make this box a “beautiful object”. And what makes this purchase unavoidable is the large amount of bonuses present (28 hours of bonuses), which corresponds to those present on previous DVD releases (which very often as well as often come with Warner collections). Despite shortcomings, the series deserves to be rediscovered on the occasion of the release, especially in BR, of the series with decent sound and vision.