SM Entertainment Launches Private SM Universe ‘Idol School’ Amid Criticism and Concerns Kpop News

SM Entertainment Launches Private SM Universe ‘Idol School’ Amid Criticism and Concerns Kpop News

little entertainment will open a private “idol school” in the prestigious Daechi-dong district of Gangnam, known for its competitive schools and hundreds of private academies and after-school programs.

SM Entertainment | Chosun Biz

According to a report on March 14, SM Entertainment will open its doors to the label’s private “idol school” on March 15.

According to the report, the school will focus on high school students who are dropping out to start in the entertainment industry. According to the report, the school will offer a three-year program, with each semester costing its students up to KRW 10.0 million (about US$7,710).

Independent Dance Students for Illustrative Purposes | Radio Canada News

It is reported that SM Entertainment has also joined the modeling agency. ESTIMATED expand your course. During the three years, students learn how to produce music and offer classes in singing, dancing, modeling and acting.

Build Appreciation | Message from Naver

A representative from SM Universe reportedly confirmed that the school will primarily target early school leavers, stating that the strict curriculum makes it difficult for students to attend the school and academy.

GED classes are given to students at the beginning of their first semester for three hours a day. Since classes are from morning to afternoon, students will find it difficult to keep up with their schoolwork, so we are focusing on students who have dropped out of school.

— Univers SM

Netizens couldn’t help but voice their skepticism about the news, while others went so far as to say the school was exploiting. Some netizens remarked that it seemed as if the agency was trying to pass on the costs incurred by the interns to the interns themselves.

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  • “Sigh, they’re literally selling kids a dream.”
  • “I think it sucks that students have to drop out of school.”
  • “I understand kids who are tempted by pretty and glamorous things, but I really don’t understand parents who send their kids there.”
  • “Wow, that’s really expensive. If you are an intern it would be free. Is it because it’s difficult to become an apprentice with a big label?
  • “Wow, a label like SM Entertainment wouldn’t charge their idols for the cost of training, but I guess they make money from it.”
  • “That’s expensive AF.”
  • “Wow, it’s really expensive and they require students to drop out of school. I don’t think that’s right.”
  • “They charge money to intern LOL.

What are your thoughts?

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