SM Entertainment denies EXO’s Suho rumors and promises legal action against Soompi

SM Entertainment denies EXO’s Suho rumors and promises legal action against Soompi

SM Entertainment has denied rumors about EXO’s Suho.

On February 23, a well-known industry stylist revealed in a story that no celebrity used to return a pair of expensive designer shoes.

According to the stylist, the celebrity in question would have stolen more than 300 pairs of shoes in total, a situation that is beginning to make him think.

The stylist worked with many idols and promised that if the idol in question did not return the stolen shoes once and for all, she would reveal the name of the idol.

In a story with some of the pairs of shoes, the stylist wrote:

“Give them all back, not a single one is missing. I’m fed up Why don’t you return them? Buy them with your money… I’ve been organizing the past few days, and you’ve taken so many…

It’s been 6 months since you said you would return them, so why don’t you return them? I hate posting this stuff on Instagram so stop before I give your name away.

Stop living a false life and think of others. Stop contacting people around me and buy things with your money. You have a lot of money, so use it…

I think there are 300 pairs more than what I post here. Really, stop pretending to be nice, stop lying, and show some humanity… You said you’d give her back, so deal with it. I bought them all myself with my own money. »

Speculations started on the internet to find out who the celebrity was and people cited EXO’s leader Suho.

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Following this, SM Entertainment said:

“The speculation circulating online about Suho regarding the post is unfounded and it is clearly an unrelated matter.

Regarding posts maliciously written online to harm our artist, we are currently preparing lawsuits for defamation and defamation by our legal representatives and will take action against those spreading rumours. »

Source: hankyung