SM Entertainment Declares War On Sasaeng Fans After One Breaks Into NCT Haechan’s House Kpop News

SM Entertainment Declares War On Sasaeng Fans After One Breaks Into NCT Haechan’s House Kpop News

little entertainment revealed the severity of the damage sustained NKT members because of sasaengs fans and warned that he would take strict action against them.

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On March 6, SM Entertainment released a statement titled “We are advising on NCT’s data breach.” In the statement, the label revealed that NCT members suffered sasaengs fans. sasaengs Fans allude to obsessive fans who follow artists and invade privacy.

Recently, there has been an increase in serious incidents of breaches of the privacy of NCT members and as such we are publishing our position on them.

NCT members are currently suffering horribly from acts of (fans) showing up and waiting for them at private places, tracking their cars, excessively contacting and filming during muggings, illegally finding out their contact details, and excessively calling and spreading malicious rumours.

– SM entertainment

The label then announced in November last year that a sasaengs Fan had broken into the home of an NCT member Hachan. The label revealed that the idol and her family are suffering mentally as a result of the incident.

In particular, in November last year, a sasaengs Ventilator had broken into Haechan’s house. Haechan lives with his family and hence Haechan and his family are suffering psychologically due to the incident.

The sasaeng fan was charged by prosecutors and the case was resolved after Haechan said he didn’t want the fan to be prosecuted. However, we are releasing this incident to highlight the seriousness of the problems with Sasaeng and to warn fans in the hope that something like this doesn’t happen again.

– SM entertainment

SM Entertainment then warned against taking legal action sasaeng blind and would have a zero tolerance policy towards them.

From now on, we will severely punish those who commit trespassing, disclose private information, and stalk those who commit other illegal acts. We will take all legal action available to us and ask (fans) not to participate in these actions.

– SM entertainment

Meanwhile, Haechan who suffered at the hands sasaengs fans, took a break in January due to illness. At that time, he went to the hospital due to symptoms such as palpitations and malaise. It turned out that the doctors told the idol that he needed treatment and rest.

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