SM asks fans of Kai (EXO) not to send a letter to his military center Soompi

SM asks fans of Kai (EXO) not to send a letter to his military center Soompi

SM Entertainment sent a message to Kai fans.

A few days ago, the EXO member started his military service.

Then, on May 12, SM released a statement urging fans not to send letters to his military center, which said:

” Bonjour.
This is SM Entertainment.

With EXO-L’s warm support, Kai safely entered the training center.

We are releasing a statement asking for EXO-L’s cooperation as we anticipate many letters and emails will be sent to Kai during his training.

Although we really understand how the fans care and support Kai, it is difficult to keep many letters and mail when they arrive at the training center at the same time and may be lost. Also, many difficulties can arise at the training center, for example, the delay in the delivery of letters from other soldiers due to the large number of impressions.

Out of necessity, we ask you to refrain from emails and posts as much as possible during Kai’s training period.

If you leave your messages for Kai on Kai’s bubble messages or on the KWANGYA CLUB EXO-L community, we plan to show them all to Kai after he completes his education. Therefore we ask EXO-Ls for understanding and cooperation.

thank you »

Source: mydaily

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